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    1 dollar = 4800 goozman

    Recent reports on the current state of the Iranian economy:
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    1 dollar = 4800 goozman

    Article about the risks of a potential currency crisis in Iran:
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    Iran's Water Crisis: Drought, Mismanagement, and Overuse

    Updated Analysis of Iran's Water Crisis:
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    Some serious demonstration in Mashhahd and other cities

    IRGC media producers open new front against Rouhani:
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    Jamshid Amuzegar, Former Iranian PM, Dies at 93

    Jamshid Amuzegar, the last living Prime Minister from the Shah era, has passed away:
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    Gay Mullah Flees Iran Over Secret Weddings
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    In Iran, Golf Remains a Game of the Elite
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    Roy Keane Discusses his Feud with Queiroz

    [...] Although Keane's relationship with Ferguson had been good for many years, it is clear he had not got on with assistant Queiroz, who had two spells at the club.The two men clashed over what Keane thought were repetitive training sessions and over facilities on a pre-season training camp in...
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    Iran's Water Crisis: Drought, Mismanagement, and Overuse

    Another article about Iran's water crisis: Iran: Dried out By Najmeh Bozorgmehr Poor planning, populist policies and drought have contributed to a critical water shortage C6AEKP Dried...
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    Mullah: Westernized Iranians No Different Than ISIS
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    Sexual Mores in Iran
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    IRI Sends Pasdaran to Iraq to Help Fight Sunni Insurgency

    3 members of Pasdaran die fighting in Iraq:
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    Gucci Heads Back to Charlton After Middle East Move Collapses
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    Qatar's Bid for Soccer Respect
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    Did Iran Put Too Much Faith in Dejagah?