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    Some serious demonstration in Mashhahd and other cities

    Source : @Ian56789 Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins. CIA Coups in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Ecuador, Panama & more Iran 1953 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is...
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    Some serious demonstration in Mashhahd and other cities

    Source : Partisangirl 🇸🇾Verified account, @Partisangirl is running a campaign for Iran protests, which goes to show George Soros involvement in a regime change colour revolution. Neocons are pretty much openly admitting the CIA is behind the Iran protests, The same CIA that was...
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    Some serious demonstration in Mashhahd and other cities

    since Mossadegh there is no root generated uprising in Iran even main Carter _Brzezinski_1357 regime change so called revolution, don't ever think this timing is coincidence with Arabs hostile towards Iran, protesters aren't calling for freedom, their calling for AlQaeda and ISIS victory in...
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    Books:Devil's Bargain,No Go Zones,The Big Lie

    the Legend talks :
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    Books:Devil's Bargain,No Go Zones,The Big Lie
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    Karoubi taken to hospital

    kaash baa oon jendeh jam kon va jendeh khanoom khodesh har se saghat shan
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    I thought Trump was going to bring jobs 'back' to USA ! looks like more job cuts for profit !!!

    Just waiting to see how much he can resist under pressure and not become a politically correct leader, US one hour ago attacked Bashar Assad's troop on ground. It is so sad to his fall.
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    بازداشت رستوران دار ایرانی در لس آنجلس پس &amp

    از همه اینها مهمتر این ناموس پرستی ایرونی هاست كه منو كشته، ***تا دسته امریكا و سگ و گربه 40 ساله شبانه روز می تپونن بهمون، ***ساكتن، خندوانه نگاه می كنن میگن انشالله گربه هست، حالا یه میساجنیست مریض پیدا شده اونم كنج یه رستوران تو لوس آنجلس چه وا مصیبتی راه انداختن، نگفتین نظرتون در باره بچه...
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    Iran's tokhmi (s)election circus:

    He is IRI agent at Rohani time, you guys forgot Hassan1981? This bozo replaced him
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    Iran's tokhmi (s)election circus:

    agar to khandidi keif kardi, kandidaa haa ke jer khordan az posht-kaaret ....muhahaha
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    Brexit negotiations ... disaster looming in the horizon.

    Don't worry the Big Boss will be fine, if there was any benefit in EU Britain never would leave it, Hanoo hamoon Robaah makaari hast ke bood, een jaryan refrandom o sholoogh polooghi ham baraa khafeh kardan oon martikeh neghneghoo Corbyn hastesh,haalaa bebinim France is clever enough today?
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    Iran's tokhmi (s)election circus:

    Depends on who do you vote : Ghalibaf : any public Mostarah, Mirsalim : French embassy ,Raeisi: Berkeley University Antifa office, Jahangiri o Rohani : United Nation's dar-e aghabi -raah darro, Hashemi Taba : who cares bendaaz to satl aashghaal he is dead soon third heart attack usually fix...
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    The biggest difference between this uprising and the one 3 decades ago

    "This Uprising " ???? it seems i have a short memory ... or maybe i didn't weight Mousavi kos khol at all to count it as revolution as Dassh BT did. two points , 1979 was not uprising was a pre-planned , well crafted coup against secular system of shah, as usual the big brother used sheeps...
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    The Story of Obama: All in The Company - Voltaire Network

    Me cannot put blame on them as I'm all confused as hell never been like this in whole my life