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    Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga & rest of the world ( News , Result , Goals & Videos) ( 2018-19)

    I agree. Parma's lack of finishing cost them the game. They could have gotten points out of that game. Now Inter will be facing them, hopefully a tired Parma (rumor has it the team is not very fit).
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    [Video] AC Milan vs Pro Patria called off due to racist chants!

    This is so sad. It's the 21st century, why do we still have idiots being allowed into stadiums?
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    Ray Allen joins the Miami Cheat

    wtf man.. this is retarded
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    Euro 2012 squads

    Criscito cut from the squad because he was involved in match-fixing... there were other players (not in the squad originally) involved as well such as Mauri, etc. Match fixing is hurting Italian football really badly.
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    Sofa cum bed Quicker way to arrange a Sofa or Bed for guests! Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Air Bed Sofa inflates quickly to create a full size 2-3 seater sofa or a queen size bed. It also converts into a lounger for lazy days in front of the TV, a...
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    Italy footballer Morosini dies after collapse on pitch

    Ex-Italy under-21 footballer Piermario Morosini has died following a suspected heart attack on the pitch, football officials say. The midfielder was playing for Livorno in the Serie B match at Pescara when he fell to the ground in the 31st minute. A defibrillator was used and Morosini, 25, was...
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    farsi on android 2.3.4

    just for you toofi joon boro fifa tamrin kon
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    FIFA 12 bloopers
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    Orumiyeh & Tabriz

    There have been incidents where members tend to hijack threads and make it personal, just because they can't ignore or have a personal agenda. The ISP rules are very simple, just like any other community: if something is bothering you, ignore! Our admins (thank you guys) have enabled the...
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    Serie A - Week 3 --- #$!* joke

    HT Novara 1 - 0 Inter Gasperini doesn't want to admit that 3-5-2 is not going to work.. what a fuckin joke.
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    IPL Prediction League is back! -- starting with IPL week 2

    Contest is FREE for all of our members. Let's have fun.... You can find the link to the league on the top menu from the forums.
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    How do I insert a CD into my iPad2?
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    Chinese torture
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    Internet Service Providers in the US? and TV?

    folks, I'm moving to the states in the next few weeks.. Seattle that is. I've been doing some research and need your opinion since a bunch of you live there already.... Which is the best internet service provider (damn I can't use the ISP acronym since it creates confusion.. lol)? I've...
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    Importing a car from Canada to the US?

    hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have ever imported a car from Canada to the US. Is it a long painful process? Is it worth it economically? Is it worth the stress and the time? I know some basic costs are duties at 2.4% of the value of the car, Gas Guzzler tax (wth is this???)...