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    `Coalition of the Willing`

    Can this coalition defeat the will of the Iranian nation? Please vote.
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    Mousavi 'ready to die' for reform

    How MSM is in love with those jihadis. ;) I say ship him and his Indian Gypsy friends to AfPak land!
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    Rattled by Iran, Arab Regimes Draw Closer

    In due time, all those brave UAE pilots with their new toys will be asking for permission to land in Iran. Surely, Iran would welcome the new addition to her inventory.
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    `Torah Scholar` Caught Molesting Hospitalized Elderly!!!!!

    To all true Iranians, I urge you to read the book in order to see for yourselves the evil done to our country when we had done nothing but help these people. If you don't have time to read the whole book, please read the summary that I will provide for you...
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    `Torah Scholar` Caught Molesting Hospitalized Elderly!!!!!

    Israel, and for that matter Judaism as we know it for 2500 yrs, is a bi-product of a satanic plot against Iran as we have covered it in the past, and thereby, we have a moral responsibility to undo the evil, as well as historical scores to settle. I encourage my fellow Iranians to read this...
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    `Torah Scholar` Caught Molesting Hospitalized Elderly!!!!!

    On top of that, one must be reminded that he is a "Torah Scholar", not an ordinary jew. As you said, imagine if this satanic act was done by a Catholic priest(we know many instances of the Catholics being ostracized even though the culprit was a crypto-jew) or a Moslem Imam, it would be all...
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    `Torah Scholar` Caught Molesting Hospitalized Elderly!!!!! What a sick bastard! A 27-year-old man was busted Wednesday night on charges of sneaking into a Manhattan hospital room and molesting a 72-year-old patient, police...
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    267 Years Old Problem

    We have a 2450 yr. old problem that has been instructionally postponed.
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    Nazi sympathizer, takes harandi's place

    That's right. They were called the "Young Turks", although this is the first time I hear there were any Christians among them. They were mostly Sabbatti Jews who had been thrown out of Spain in 1492 and the Ottomans had accepted them and provided them with refuge. They [The Young Turks] were...
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    Rupert Murdoch aims to block Google search Media mogul Rupert Murdoch says he will explore ways to block Google from using news content from his global empire. Speaking to Sky News Australia, the Australian-born billionaire said he would try to remove articles from Google's...
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    Israeli rabbi backs killing non-Jews (Goyim) This is coming from their "religious" leader. One can only imagine the sickness among them: An Israeli rabbi has supported the murder of non-Jewish babies who pose a threat to Israel in his recently released book The King's Torah...
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    The 4th Reich

    It's not only in America that people are becoming well aware of the need for a major clean up. It's way past due.
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    A video bannd by Youtube

    For all the garbage your Arbaabs and your ilk spread about Islam and Moslems, and your historical crimes against our country and humanity, you should be dealt with properly too.
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    A video bannd by Youtube

    The jews have nowhere to hide their crimes. Internet has opened the eyes of tens of miliions of people across the globe.
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    The Green That Turned Yellow Before Autumn

    It has been indeed a cruel summer! ;) Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around Trying to smile, but the air is so heavy and dry Strange voices are saying (ah, what did they say?) Things I can't understand It's too close for comfort, this heat has got Right out of...