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    Thank You All

    Guys, We really are sorry that this happened. We waited a while to post something on the frontpage / facebook until we got down to the bottom of what was going on. Thankfully our hosting company realized that this situation must have been a mistake and started working with us. From all of...
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    Must Watch Interview with Carlos after the match

    Good interview with Carlos after the match. Follow the link:
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    Still in shock

    Another tournament in Asia comes around and again we are knocked out due to circumstances against our control. How many times will we have to deal with this? What can we do when there is nothing we can do? The feeling is just hopeless. There needs to be a serious debate / discussion about...
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    Good opportunity to buy refiners stocks like Valero

    Haji, I'd love to gamble. Pretend that your gambling portfolio has gone belly up and send that $$$ over to me and I'll invest it in the Behrang fund :-)...
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    Interview with Kaffashian about Carlos Queiroz contact offer / extension I'm not sure how to embed the video here. What do you guys think? Also, if you have not liked our page please like and share the video :-)
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    IPL Prediction League / Asian Cup Prediction League -- Do you want it?

    We have the ability to set these up but making sure the information is updated can take some time. If you guys are interested I can look into making it happen but not if we have 10 or 15 people. If we can get a minimum of 20 people then I'll seriously look at getting this setup for everyone...
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    Has international football changed to be more counter attacking?

    I ran across this article and posted it up on the site because I thought it was interesting. Most of us criticized the team for playing so defensive but now that a week or so has passed and we can look back on it I think our players did an exceptional job of closing the gaps and attacking when...
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    Carlos Queiroz quits as Iran boss - What do we do next?

    ( | - Iran coach Carlos Queiroz confirmed his decision to step down after their World Cup exit on Wednesday, calling his relationship with the country’s football association a one-sided marriage. “I didn’t I receive any single concrete or attractive proposal to...
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    Pictures from Team Melli Hotel Today

    Taken by ISP member as they returned from their last training session of the day...
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    A Message from Team Melli to all Fans

    Check it OUT... I could not figure out how to embed directly here...
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    Stop the negativity !!

    What's with all of us. Yeah we don't have a great team but we are not playing three matches against Argentina in the first round and if we were I'd say we could tie at least one of them :-) Be a little positive for once for the next few weeks and see what happens. Who knows we might even win a...
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    Iran vs. Argentina tickets...

    My cousin decided not to go to the Argentina match but now has decided to go. He's looking for up to six tickets if available and I told him I'd make a post here. If you guys know someone who's selling extra tickets please let me know and I'll pass the word. He's heading to Brazil with the...
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    Different Iranian World Cup Songs

    Seems like there are a lot of different songs being released. I've seen random posts here with the different songs and figured we can stick them all under a single thread. Please add them here.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Iran Changes Invited Players - Queiroz finds a new player Enjoy
  15. B World Cup Prediction Contest - Join Now !!

    All, We are happy to announce the ISP World Cup Prediction Contest. We appreciate everyone who has been apart of ISP over the years and look at this as a way to give back. This competition is open to all current and new members. Please help spread the word about this contest to all your friends...