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    Happening now...

    یه فلافلی یا همبرگری سر تنگه بزنن کلی کاسبن. دو نبش هم هست لعنتی
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    Dear Donald !

    ولک ما ۱۵ سال اینجا پست می‌کنیم و کسخل تر و دلقک تر از ژنرال ندیدیم. از حزب مهر گرفته تا ریدن پیرمرد روی شمبول و مزخرفات قرآن رو معجزه شناختن و صد‌ها داستان تخیلی دیگه. حالا هم فکر میکنه یک پهباد زدن اثبات زوره. کلا مشنگه
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    You forget that there is a lot of in-fighting and bullying inside American fraternities. They are notorious for it. There is also the problem of gender, race and culture. The whole concept is unnecessary and a stupid one.
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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    He's only been in the job for a few months and people expect him to change everything. It's interesting to see those who disliked him rate him this highly.
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    Copa América 2019 | June 14 to July 7

    The Norwegians have a couple of peaches too :)
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    Copa América 2019 | June 14 to July 7

    I prefer the women's world cup right now. It's actually quite good.
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    Made in Iran dog

    جالب اینکه هنوز ملت رو خر فرض می‌کنن.
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    Iran war games

    ‫آوای پلنگ و کشک سابی ........................... یه زمانی (۱۷، می ۱۹۸۷) ناوچهء موشک انداز یو اس اس استارک توسط جنگنده عراق در خلیج فارس مورد اصابت موشک قرار گرفت و ۳۷ نفر از ملوانان امریکایی این کشتی کشته شدند . ‫یه زمانی جهان نگران قدرت سلاح های شیمیایی عراق بود . ‫یه زمانی همه دنیا از قدرت...
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    Iran war games

    You told all this to Trump on these pages!? He reads the ISP does he?
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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    I am right here bro!
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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    Brangoh's best result with TM: 1-1 vs Angola CQ best result with TM: 1-1 with European Champions
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    Hybrid offsprings of a tiger and a lion in Iran

    نظر علمای شیعه و اهل تدین رو در مورد شرعی بودن این بکن بکن جویا شدن؟ آیا آن دو حیوان به هم مرهم بودن و شیرشن حلال بود یا نه؟
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    Transfers, Rumors, Who's in, Who's out, Managers & Players 2019, 2020

    Any club will sell any player to any other club for the right price.
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    Najafi, Former Tehran Mayor and Minister of Education Surrenders After Allegedly Shooting His Wife

    Sending women to lure men? Mossad has been doing it for decades.
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    R.I.P Jose Antonio Reyes

    Well that's what I mean. Driving at that speed he had no chance of staying alive. All it takes is a bump.