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    Notre Dame church burnt down!

    Let the Analysis of Arm chair safety experts begin!
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    Sepah officially designated a terrorist organization by US

    Perhaps if you read up on the official defenition of what is terrorism, it would make sense to you.
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    Sepah officially designated a terrorist organization by US

    The question is how could any armed organization not be a terror organization!
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    Iran's eventual fate

    وضعیت پل دختر
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    Current floods in Iran

    سپنتا نیکنام از روی زمین
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    Current floods in Iran

    Multiple trains of thoughts on the floods. major part refers to pre-flood. some bad decisions with respect to building a rail road and not having enough bridge to let water move through the valley. not dredging the river. Perhaps not building a proper culture to warn people and have them take...
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    Library of congress hosts rare Iranian literature

    Wow. hope I was in DC to go take a look.
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    Current floods in Iran

    the best method is to find somebody in the country who is legit. there is a guy in Tabriz that we work with. he sends receipts for everything. it is easy to be jaded in iranian society. but there is also a lot of selfless people who do good work.
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    Current floods in Iran

    Among all bad news from iran. every once in a while there is some good news.
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    Current floods in Iran

    as far i can remember the last time rood khoshk flooded was back in 1380s. so far 17 people have been pronounced dead. does a city in iran's with a bunch of shortcited people want to really dig extra canals to let the water pass through the city. I think the answer is only if more suffering...
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    Current floods in Iran

    the infrastructure in any region is optimized for the median climate. in Wyoming the asphalt used is not as durable under heat as the one in Arizona which remains intact at 125 Fahrenheit. in denver they have tons of salt trucks and snow plows for taking of streets and proper de-icing machines...
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    Current floods in Iran

    two years ago i was eating Balal exactly where the floods are occurring. so much for رود خشک
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    Abdolkarim Soroush : Khomeini was much wiser and more educated than Shah , HERE IS HALOO's WONDERFUL RESPONSE

    If We want to stay strictly academic Soroush is right. Khomeini had far more "education" than Shah or really than any other Shah we have had (that i can point recall). Of course Soroush is not an idiot he knows that people interpret this as a political statement not strict academic discussion...
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    another new ANNOYING reporter of IRIB

    اگر جرات داره جلو روش بهش بگه پسرک
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    من یک پارسی اصیل هستم 95% ا

    قومی که اهلش بودی شاید در یه منطقه صعب العبور زندگی میکردند. کسی دستشون بهشون نرسیده.