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    How do you take money to Iran

    Hi everyone. I live in the United States and I am going to Iran for a month. My bank is not in Iran. What is the best way to take money that you need for your trip? Do you just take it all as cash?
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    Great post.
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    Moeen on stolen election results::Danger of facism is serious

    Reformists call for election boycott and then are shocked when the reformer candidate doesn't get enough votes. Khamnei and the hardliners didn't lose power when a reformist was president for 8 years with a Majlis controlled by the reformists for most of it. There is no need to cheat. Just...
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    Fuck Yeah!

    good article
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    Interesting food recipe (+18)

    nothing is at that link.
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    You guys have to wach this (funny)

    I hope it still works:
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    Superman is a "mean guy"

    These are real comic book covers of Superman. Many of them are absolutely hilarious.
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    Giant puppets in France

    Go here: Site is in French, but the pictures tell the story.
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    Bahrainins took serevr down!!

    We are in the last minute of whooping thier ass!! Thanks for the live report Payam and Behrang!
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    My pics: Glorious Paris(may be 18+)

    Those pics would be more beautiful if they had some Nilou in it.
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    Bahrainins took serevr down!!

    It still won't save them. I can't wait until we defeat them. If any Bahraini reads this, maybe next year. I mean next four years!
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    Darth Vader Mind Read

    Try it. He's actually quite intelligent.
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    Iranian Police Ad (2005) Video!!

    I like it. Iran has had a serious accidnet problem for a long time and I am glad the country is trying to do something about it.
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    Happy Birthday to Pendar & Cyrus!!

    That's right Pendar. Thanks everyone. I haven't been posting much but I always check the forum. Pendar I didn't know you had such a cool birthday.
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    Go Iran!!!!!

    I haven't been this excited for a long time. I am so proud. Who is going to Germany in 2006? I was looking at the tickets and they are expensive but I may try to go because I know Iran will qualify.