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    Gilani is deadآیت-الله-محمدی-گیلانی-درگذشت Apparently couldn't take Brazil's loss to Germany!
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    نقشه داعش برای ۵ سال آینده

    Poor Bangladeshis. even ISIL doesn't want them! Khorasan becomes a country of 2-billion people!
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    Sadegh Zibakalam's new comment about Israel

    They are brothers but ideologically on the two opposing ends of the spectrum of ideas within the Iranian government.
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    Gotta love Canada!

    I don't think there is any immigrant who had earned his wealth in home country on a meager teacher salary. Such person can hardly find a way to immigrate to Canada as an investor. The immigrant class who is buying real estate in Toronto as investment are typically those who had enough money in...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    I think you two are talking about two different groups of people. Most of the people BT is referring to are buying condos as investment. They don't live downtown. But the crowd that BH is talking about are the young professionals who actually live downtown. I suspect many of them are just...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    BH jan, There are many other classes, the majority come under skilled workers and family classes. Canada still accepts between 250000-300000 new immigrants a year, but these are mainly from the backlog of those who have been waiting for years for their applications to be processed...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    Not just investors. The department also cancelled 280,000 skilled worker applications and refunded their application fees. Very few new skilled worker applications have been accepted over the past 4 years (10,000 in 2011, zero in 2012 and 5000 in 2013) and the family renuion program has also...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    There were two different categories: investor (which was cash for visa) and entrepreneur class (in which you had to start a business). Both programs were cancelled in 2012. However it is not as if you could just pay cash and immediately get Canadian immigration. There was an annual cap on the...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    BT jan, he probably applied under the entrepreneur program which was different and has been cancelled as well. For investor immigrants they have to pay a lot more. The capital from the investor class immigrant is miniscule. Based on Stats from CIC, over the past ten years Canada has accepted an...
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    Pierce Morgan gone

    I think by "we" he meant "Canadians" ;)
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    Gotta love Canada!

    BT jan all federal investor and entrepreneurs immigration programs have been stopped since 2012. Certain provinces can still nominate investors that contribute a non-refundable $180,000 investment (I think Quebec and PEI), but that is also going to stop by the end of this year. According to the...
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    Iran gives up 3 Persian Gulf Islands

    Gaining a foothold on the main peninsula is probably not bad. According to this questionable source, the deal gives the sea bed rights around the islands to Iran and the land itself to UAE. So essentially it means no boat will be able to enter or leave those islands without Iranian permission...
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    Gotta love Canada!

    He is talking about Quebec, not Canada... two different countries ... 😉
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    False accusations: Please disregard

    guys, CNN iReport is what they call "citizen journalism", i.e. stories and pictures posted by people who register on their site. From what I have seen, the quality of the news are typically not credible. Since last year there seem to be a continuing effort on CNN iReport to post fake news about...
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    As a result of US-NATO "humanitarian Intervention": Libya now ruled by Sharia

    Actually, "suspension of all existing laws and implementation of Sharia" was the first item on the five-point plan Ghaddafi declared in 1973 as the main agenda of his government. So the new framework is not inherently different from his regime. Like most Arab dictators, he had no problem...