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    Why vote?

    The rich at least the super rich haven't become poorer because they are paying higher percentage of their income in taxes. What I see happening is a lot of rich people using the excuse that they are paying more to buy more influence in government and tweak the rules in their own favor so that...
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    What happens next?

    It all depends on one thing, and Mehdi kinda touched on it. If it gets to a point where there is economic exchange between the two countries it becomes a growing snowball that's very hard to contain. There is way too much money to be made from economic activity between the two countries and...
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    US officials set to meet Iran after more than 30 years

    Concessions on nuclear issue are not the real issue. If there is a handshake, it would signal that IR are conceding Hezbollah, hammas and other terrorists.
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    to the Admistration .did anybody else got this?

    No, it was a special message for a select few members :devil-smi
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    کشته شدن یک شهروند بهایی در بندرعباس به ضر&#15

    The emam jome in a shahrestaan has many legal and not-so-legal avenues available to him to get rid of any competition/threat besides murder. Ultimately, if he really wants something he just comes and takes it. If the theory was that a regular, non-connected person killed him for money it would...
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    Will Egyptians become the 1st country to successfully reject Islamism?!

    Honestly, I read the article and I thought it made some dumb arguments. It glosses over the fact that the extremist faction in Iran had already waged a war on every hezb, jonbesh and minority that didn't adhere to their nutty ideology. Even other religiously organized political groups weren't...
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    Will Egyptians become the 1st country to successfully reject Islamism?!

    Whether you believe there was a need for it or not, it seems a sizable portion of Egyptian society preferred the coup to the alternative of letting MB manipulate the process. I can't blame them for wanting the military to rig the process instead. People in our region are used getting fucked over...
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    Will Egyptians become the 1st country to successfully reject Islamism?!

    These are the only options? How about not allowing them to rig the system. What some people here want is letting them manipulate the process in their own favor it just a "little bit" just so they can get comfortable with the idea of democracy. This is why some of the anti-coup people here have...
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    Will Egyptians become the 1st country to successfully reject Islamism?!

    After reading the last couple of pages of this thread, I just want to crawl into a corner and die.
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    Eid mobarak

    Iran is a diverse place and the level of religiosity differs significantly from one town to the one right next to it. I only knew of one other family that kept dogs in our small shahrestan, but they kept their dog in their "baagh" outside the city limit. I can't imagine having a dog in a place...
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    Eid mobarak

    Except that it's extremely disingenuous to criticize people for forming their positions based on their real life experiences. Forming your position based on fear and mistrust is wrong, but forming them through repeated negative experiences is completely justified. I too have Muslim relatives who...
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    Eid mobarak

    Yes dude I know. How dare we try to inject a dose of reality in this debate. Your dog-loving relatives prove we are all wrong.
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    Eid mobarak

    Because apparently your dog-loving muslim relatives invalidate my experience as a dog owner in Iran and somehow you seemed amused by the hostility I encountered.
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    Eid mobarak

    Just enough to make me regret taking him outside. Too bad you can't try owning a dog in a shahrestaan 18 years ago. I'm sure you'd welcome the hostility that comes with it. Hopefully, it's better now but for us it wasn't a pleasant ordeal.