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    No more marg bar Amrika

    Ghalibaf would sell his mother if needed to become a president.
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    Ivancovich officially back in Iran

    I liked this guy as a coach. Although I'm an ESES fan, I think PESPES made a wise choice, bringing him at this time, he is not gonna make any differences for the reminder of this season, to little time, but atleast he can use this time to get familiar with the changes and new players; and for...
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    Are Obama and Netanyahu

    Are Obama and Netanyahu Bad cop/Good copping IRI????
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    Arabic translation????

    What is this guy saying? I know he is praising, but what exactly is he saying? Also which country is the commentator from. Most likely, based on his accent?
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    LOST in translation

    I had never seen this video before, this guy is amazing at translating, IFF should hire him to translate to Quirosh; if nothing else we will atleast get a good laugh.
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    ROFLMO why don't we Iranians get rid off this stupied thing called "Taroff". It was obvious Javad asked for Messi's jearsy; The whole world saw it; now he is trying to do maleh keshi. The big question is that if he will actually give the jearsy to Pouladi or he is gonna back out...
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    Looking at Argentinas Result the past few games.....

    Looking at Argentinas Result the past few games, and seeing how each game, against every single team SO FAR, they have struggled to win, I guess we didn't break GHOOL's/Monster's cock. The funny thing is before world cup started, in a bet among friends and family, I said Argentina and Brazil...
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    WE as Iranian don't have much to celebrate when it comes to our country, mainly due to having a fucked up government in charge in the past 36 years. Football is pretty much the only thing that brings real joy to the old nation every few years. As ESPN comentator said he broke the heart of 80...
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    CQ's substitution

    I have now seen the game 3 times. I rewinded and watched the close chances a few more times. I have seen the goal probably 20 to 30 times. So hard to watch every single time. Anyways My take on CQ substitution was that atleast his last substitution, was just done to kill time, no other reason...
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    Farda chikaremoon mikonan????

    Joke Aside Iran chi karesh mikonnneh?
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    The entire Dutch starting 11 team should go to JAIL

    Honestly I have never in the past 25 to 30 years seen a first class team and former WC winner getting raped so savagely in a world cup game. This can't be legal, public rape while 2.5 billion people were watching just can't be legal.
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    Funny commercial
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    Iraq City Mosul Seized By Al Qaeda Splinter Group

    I have to agree with GP, This Daesh group is really mysterious. 100% a country is behind and supports them, the question is weather its SA, Iran or a third country.
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    Who the F$&@& leaked the Iran vs Trinidad out

    The whole fucking point it was behind closed door was that CQ didn't wanna anybody to See it. Now some ducking traitor have leaked it out. Shaking my head of anger.
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    Dedicated to CQ and all other people who thought it was a good Idea to ..........

    Dedicated to CQ and all other people who thought it was a good Idea to Play crappy teams in friendlies to prepare for WC