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    defected Amiri says he escaped from CIA!!!

    Shahram Amiri who disappeared in a Saudi trip and moved to USA is making some strange allegations about US government and CIA! ..
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    a gift for England/Beckham fans!

    Cheer up guys!! Euro 2012 is coming in no time! YouTube- RTE World Cup 2010 - Apres Match 23rd of June
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    Mother of Maicon!
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    World Cup home-away rule?

    Is it the WC appearance or FIFA ranking that gives one side the advantage of wearing home jersy?? I saw Algeria being the home side vs Slovenia and their name showing first on screen. ..
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    IRAN: Vanished photo shows angry Khamenei amid tensions following speech

    [I] I think Khamenei understood what damage was done by jeering Hassan Khomeini speech organized. Ahmadinejad played hard and stubborn and it back fired and the supereme burrito knew that well right away ..
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    Osama bin Laden is in Iran?!

    very proabable he is in Iran..... He wants safety and despite any possible back stabbing by the Ayatollahs , Iran is the only place on planet he could stay immune from US reach after Iraq of Saddam gone in 2003. Mullahs are world known for such tactical talent and insinct. ..
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    Woody's Penalty!

    ummmm , CHEERS , Woody! No, there isn't a gas leak in your house causing you to hallucinate. That really is actor Woody Harrelson hoisting a trophy while surrounded by the likes of Henrik Larsson, Mike Myers, and Zinedine...
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    Kia: 4-4 and 1983 final! Mahdavikia says Hamburg musuem of football features only two games: the 1-0 beating of Juve in 1983 winning of Europe Cup and 4-4 draw with Juve where he scored , assisted and got a PK ..
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    June 6th News/Discussions

    I am not sure you got my point mouji jan of course we can ignore things not interested in as you say. my point was suggesting to not mixing personal judgments where a thread is mainly for posting news updates and I feel it is a fair suggestion. It is like a librarian underlining a newspaper...
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    %&@# AFC!

    Bastards! They have "10 Memorable Asian Moments in WC" and list for number 5 the goal Iraq scored on Belgium - the game Iraq lost 2-1 and why? Cause it gave hope to people who has suffered from a war with Iran (!) As if It their uffering was not due to a war triggered by their own...
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    June 6th News/Discussions

    to mouji aziz I think it is much better if we just post news pieces here without having our personal opinion taged along. This is the thread to read updates and it is much better to follow the example set by #8 doing a great job with it. We can always use the other opinion natured...
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    Ghalenoee in Esteghlal:PROOF!

    به گزارش ايسنا، هادي عقيلي با توجه به مذاکراتي که با علي دايي داشت از او مهلتي جهت بررسي شرايط انتقال به پرسپوليس تهران را خواستار شده بود. وي جمعه شب در تماسي با حبيب کاشاني اعلام کرد به دليل شرايط خانوادگي و سکونت در شهر اصفهان از پيوستن به پرسپوليس صرف نظر کرده است. هادي عقيلي همچنين در اين...
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    Taboo !!

    I have no audio so no clue how funny it is.... BUT where ever freedom prevales on this planet artists and humorist need no permisssion to make fun of ANY organized religion. The risk involved is the price that one has to pay till no such risk is involved in making fun of Islam. Each case of...
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    Sweden wants Isreal game cancelled!

    There were 11 Swedish people on that ship Isreal attacked. Their U-21 team is supposed to play in Tel Aviv on Friday But they say they will abide by whatever UEFA decides. این رو میگن اعتراض اساسی و محکم همراه با احترام به اصول تمدن...
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    Video of Isreal atack on ship!!

    یک چیزی هست به نام "غلط مصطلح " که در ادبیات و فرهنگ هر کشوری معمول است . یعنی اینکه کلمه یا عبارتی متفاوت از فرم کاملا صحیح اون که رایج شد و جا افتاد ، پذیرفته و قبول است و دیگر آنقدر ملا نقاطی بازی در نمیاورند برایش. این ریشه در فونتیک و نوشتار دارد و گاهی هم اولین استفاده از ان بصورت...