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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    ^^ درست مثل افراد عقب افتاده ^^^ in ghesmato khoob omady . i can name few here but then i will be banned .
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    90TV Live [R]

    ^^^goosh shenava mikhad ke nadari ^^
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    Asian Cup 2019 UAE (Brackets/ Team News/ History)

    When a ref points to something he does not need to whistle. He clearly pointed to the place and then said play on. You cant do that.
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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    most of this " we should go to the final" and that stupid Bran goh commenting "with one team melli player we got to the final" is just to nullify the effort of team meli, even if we win . yes we were there before, so no big deal! and people are "Bran goh did not say anything bad". wake up and...
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    Trump warns Rouani

    this part killed me man LOL خیلی‌ "تنگه‌های" دیگر هست که شما خبر نداری
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    World-cup 2018 , QF, SF and Final ( News , Results and updates )

    i dont like England because of their hooliganism and they think they are something, and i dont like Croatia simply because of so called " professor " ( you read prostate) remarks about his country. i heard this phrase long time ago and is applicable here. نه قم خوبه نه کاشون لعنت به هر دوتاشون
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    Just came in ...

    اعصاب براشون نموند بعد از بازی با بلژیک. Japan's World Cup octopus killed and 'sent to market'
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    Just came in ...

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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    honestly shame on them, so called " pishkesfat" so what? it is like an organ functioning perfectly ( for example "pestan" or Brest or mameh :p) how wonderful it is and beautiful, once it gets cancer we should cut it away. it does not mater how we held them in hands and sucked them, once cancer...
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    Your opinion on VAR

    i think they did all these on purpose. so people will say " laghahash ra be vegharash bakhshidam" meaning " NAKHASTIM BABA, GOOREH PEDAREH VAR"
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    Thread for all World-cup 2018 Group stage matches , News , updates & Results

    they showed 3rd goal from f ing 100 different angle and cam. why not for disallowed goal?
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    Was the goal offside( Iran vs Spain)?

    is it hard to ask F ing FIFA to show all the angles ? ? no really, fing prove that the F ing ref was right! the cam from behind the goal, the cam which is online with the linesman, the over head cam, . if they had only 1 cam, what is the reason for all 6 ref siting in that room? i am not...
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    "DO or DIE"FIFA World Cup Group B: | IRAN vs PORTUGAL |Information, Updates & Live Reports| june 25th

    Did anyone received a phone call from Coach Fernando Santos ?
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    اگر ایران امروز برد کیوان پارس 10000 دلار از من طلبکار میشه

    agha ma ro faramoosh nakonid loftan, hala ke midi, be ma ham bedeh ( pool):p