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    a new and very exclusive international club

    when did Iraq become an ancient civilization? I guess independence and Statehood of the nation does not count Babylon has joined the Atlantis, and that piece of land called Iraq was part of the greater Persian territory until the arab ambush and remained part of Hijaz till Ottomans took over...
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    I am a Zionist!!

    به شما عقاب بلند پروز البرز و همانطور یارانی که همیشه این ناچیز را زیر سایه خود نگهدار بودند درود میفرستم. از وجود نازنین شما کمال امتنان را دارم که بیاد این حقیر بودید روی ماه سروش و کیوان پازس را میبوسم و بعزض عالی میرسانم که این ناچیز قادر به حل و فصل لینکدین، تلگرام و واتس اپ نیستم،...
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    When luck is on your side.

    It seems no one dies. Amazing!
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    فرمانده عراقی بسیج، سابقه دار در تجاوز و ق&#15

    R.T jAn, That trip was the most adventurous thing I've done in my life. I remember every second of it. I told Behrou and Sammy about it and I'm thinking about opening a thread and post the whole story here.
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    [Proof]: : Qaher aircraft is Islamic Propaganda!!. Its just a toy and cant actually fly like a jet!

    Actually the latest photo of ghaher on the trailer is another proof that this gizmo in not an airworthy airplane. You never tie down an airplane from the flying surfaces, you always tie them down from the landing gears or designated mooring hard points. All airplanes have mooring points (Tie...
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    فرمانده عراقی بسیج، سابقه دار در تجاوز و ق&#15

    آقا جان تمام ایرانیهایی که به عراق و یا هر جای دنیا مهاجرت کردند توی خونه با هم فارسی حرف میزنن و بچه هاشون از کودکی به زبون فارسی مسّلط میشن۰ پست منو به ارتاویل بخون۰ توکوچه بازارهای کربلا ٬ نجف و یا کوفه مردم بیشتر با همدیگه فارسی حرف میزنن تا عربی۰ در نتیجه فارسی حرف زدن این هیولای آدمخوار...
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    فرمانده عراقی بسیج، سابقه دار در تجاوز و ق&#15

    In 1977 I went to iraq. In karbalaa and Najaf specially in baazaarcheh around Maghaa'd e Mottahar people spoke more Persian than arabic in daily basis. Even though the relationship between 2 nations was pretty cold without any tourist visa being granted by either side Iranian currency was gladly...
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    به مناسبت انقلاب شکوهمند اسلامی

    شما اگر به سخنرانی این شیخ خبیث در بهشت زهرا توجّه کنید خواهید دید که در تمامی این سخنرانی که بیشتر از یک ساعت طول کشید این شارلاتان حقّه بازحتی یک بار کلمهٔ '' اسلامی '' را به زبون نمیاره۰ همش آزادی٬ استقلال٬ رفراندم٬ رأیگیری و از ان نوع مزخرفات۰ ای بر اون روحت سگ ر۰۰۰۰
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    Is Assad at the verge and what does his fall mean for Iran?!

    Biaa China joon, Vaasseh hamineh goftam ageh Assad az in jomboori e kaseef eslaami beborreh man ham T-Shirtesho mipoosham ham dar tazaahotaat e Pro-Assad sherkat mikonam. In mellat tarafdaar e regime yaad nemigiran keh baba "Doshmani baa in regime khatarnaakeh vali doosti baa in regime marg...
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    US Sponsored Taliban back in power in Afghanistan

    I didn't say that, using Islamists against communism was one of the reasons. Also what ever US did against USSR in Afghanestann all happened during Reagan presidency, thus the credit many people usher toward Reagan. SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) or as you say Star Wars never left the paper...
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    US Sponsored Taliban back in power in Afghanistan

    Doost e Aziz, The “Grand Plan” for US was defeating USSR and wining the cold war and you are talking about Mc Donalds and KFC? USSR was an existential threat to entire Capitalist world. Let’s put a $ value for the commerce which could be conducted if Shah remained in power for the...
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    US Sponsored Taliban back in power in Afghanistan

    feel free to call me insane, but I would say a big NO. US or western arm exporting nations in general will benefit id all the ME nation end up being like Q8, KSA, UAE, Jordan and alike. If they did then who in the world is going buy those arms and keep Lockheed/Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamic...
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    Iran February 2014 News... Karroubi Released!!!

    His term ends by June 2017. What makes him believe he will still be president in 2018? Khamanei? Guardian Council? VEVAK? May be all. Naaaa they don't EVER "Mohandesi" the election, it was/is always fair and square.
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    Oil Rich Iranians Reduced to Common Beggars

    آقائی و بزرگواری هر ملّتی با مقدار فداکاریی که آن ملت حاضراست برای بدست آوردن وحفظ آن تقّبل کند رابطهٔ مستقیم دارد It is paraphrased and not my word, some hotshot leader had said this and i think it really applies in this case. بگو آخه میمیری اگه این ۸ کیلو برنج تایلندی و ۱ لیتر روغن...
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    Oil Rich Iranians Reduced to Common Beggars

    Y.P.D.P They are both phone Prank. It is obvious