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    Best analogy as to why a systematic quarantine is required
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    La Liga | Copa Del Rey & all Spanish related Matches,Schedules , News, Transfers and Updates ( 2019-20 )

    . . . 1- With Messi declining, they're going back to the Pre- Messi era. 2- Clueless coaches 3- ignorant staff like Abidal 4- the split between the players . . . More disgusting than all of these are Madrid matching Barca's downfall in all departments
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    پیام خفاش به چینی ها ... سوپ منو میخورین؟ حالا بیاین اینو بخورین
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    بهترین اتفاقی که در این وسط افتاد این بود که استراما میره به ایتالیایها میگه که از اون‌ها قالتاق تر هم هست
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    English Premier League, FA CUP Fixtures , Rumours, News , Transfers , Match Updates ( 2019-20 )

    . . . . Hooshi and his math issue How could it be 12 months since May 2018?
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    Qasem Soleimani killed in Baghdad!

    . If these idiots were smart enough and would follow UAE footstep then cold turn Iran into heaven while keeping the Shiite heritage alive.
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    Qasem Soleimani killed in Baghdad!

    The National security council led by Khamanei just finished their emergency meeting, Conclusion: we don't do anything yet
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