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    A song for ALL Iranians living abroad; missing home

    Dariush: Celloleh Bi Marz
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    The whole clip is funny and awesome. But the most interesting part is at the end. Fast forward to 1:10, The message here is: If you give (and insist on giving) too much power to an idiot monkey (AN), it will come back to haunt you...
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    Iranian TV hidden camera
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    FIRST LIST for 2013: Possible candidates for the next presidential elections

    Based on info from informed sources... what a list... ولایتی قالیباف جلیلی علی لاریجانی مشائی ضرغامی رویانیان حسین خیراندیش مجید انصاری جاسبی
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    Funny and Sad at the same time

    This shit is so funny I can't stop laughing. At the same time, it is so sad that these crooks are in charge of our country.
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    کلاه ایمنی دربازدیدائمه جماعات ازمترو/ عکس چند رسانه***ای - ائمه جماعات تهران صبح امروز چهارشنبه با حضور در خطوط در حال احداث 3 و 7 مترو از بخشهای مختلف این خطوط بازدید کردند. 64 :chat::kongfu::--closed:
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    Ali Daei shat all over IRIB

    اسخ علی دایی به نمایش تصاویر هتل آنتالیا : دنبال این هستید تا در هتل***ها مسجد بزنند؟ فارس: سرمربی پرسپولیس گفت: از این به بعد منتظر این هستم که آقایان ۲۰:۳۰ حتما به ما کمک کنند که به کدام هتل برویم و چه کار کنیم. علی دایی اظهار داشت: با توجه به شرایط آب و هوایی تهران مجبور هستیم این روزها...
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    Still Looking For Paradise?

    Still Looking For Paradise? Maldives - absolutely gorgeous and the most beautiful place on earth. Double chain of twenty-six atolls… The Republic of Maldives, or simply the Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It consists of approximately 1,190 coral islands...
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    Karim Baheri recalls magic TM of 1996 (good old days)

    fcuk it is depressing... :( Monday, 10 January 2011 19:13 Karim Bagheri (AFP filepic) Doha: In the eyes of many who witnessed their performances at the 1996 edition of the AFC Asian Cup, Iran were the team that could – indeed should – have won the continental championship when...
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    Akhoond BS

    This is getting too much even for Akhoonds. منکر ولی فقیه ، زنش به او حرام ، مرتد و باید اعدام شود ... and some "عشوه آخوندی" in the beginning. I think Ayatollah Sistani is against Vali Faghih, so he is also included...
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    امام حسین شرمنده

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    Iranian economy thread

    Maybe it gives weight to the theory that it is dependent on the culture, e.g. in order to govern on Arabs, keep them well-fed and for Iranians and North Koreans, keep them hungry...
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    هدفمند سازی یارانه ها

    There are too many issues to cover in regards to this topic and I could easily go on for hours, but the main points are: 1) In this Parliament-AN or Parliament-Khatami comparisons, you are missing the BIG factor: the leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Basically, during Khatami, the leader somehow...