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    March 7-11 News/Discussions

    ناگفته های علی کروبی از شکنجه وحشیانه اش در ۲۲ بهمن ۸۸ نوشته***شده در مارس 8, 2011 توسط antitaleban| بیان دیدگاه با اتهامی ابلهانه، پانزده روز از بازداشت...
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    Iran would "slaughter" people in revolt - defecto

    به جای نفت، نیروی امنیتی صادر کنید/ میرزا تقی خان سرانجام بودجه سال 1390 کشور به ضمیمه مقادیری شوخ طبعی و خنده های دلنشین از طرف رئیس جمهور، تحویل مجلس این بودجه به گفته آقای احمدی نژاد 45 درصد بیشتر از بودجه سالهای پیش است اما ایشان در مورد اینکه چه درآمد جدیدی پیدا شده که دولت توانسته است...
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    Iran would "slaughter" people in revolt - defecto

    اولین نشانه سقوط دیکتاتور اگر از من بپرسند چه راهی برای ارزیابی موقعیت یک فرد یا نهاد یا حکومت وجود دارد، راحتترین و ارزانترین راه را ارزیابی گفتار میدانم. هر فرد یا جنبش یا رژیمی پیش از آنکه در عمل سقوط کند یا ارتفاع گیرد، در گفتار سقوط کرده یا ارتفاع خواهد گرفت. گفتاری که صدر و ذیل آن...
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    zahra bahrami s last speech

    "Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything." Arash_Kaman, By listening to her voice one can see she had everything and more. It seems like you have nothing.
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    Could Egypt be the next?

    From Independent. "One has to remember, that on a fundamental level, the revolt in Egypt isn't only an attempt to throw off the Mubarak dictatorship, it is also a direct challenge to Egypt's role as a vassal state inside the American Empire, a state that is 'stable', under control, and harmless...
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    Could Egypt be the next?

    he هیچ دیکتاتوری شجاع نیست، شجاع اون کسی است که حرف حق بزنه و کار حق بکنه
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    Mohsen pezeshkpour has passed away

    May he rest in peace and what a powerful speech. As soon as there is a true Iranian gov. they should reopen the files on Bahrain.
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    One of the best traditions in college basketball Never heard of Taylor University's Silent Night? You're missing out. By Jeff Eisenberg Of all the incredible traditions in college basketball, Taylor...
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    one-legged wrestler and one-legged long jumper

    This is amazing.
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    Public Punishment in the streets of Tehran

    This regime is literary using this story to control people and the video shows it. خلایق هر چه لایق راننده مسافر کش از توی اینه یه نگاهی به من که تازه سوار شده بودم انداخت و گویی برای سوار کردنم حرفش نا تمام مانده بود گفت: آره سوختم ، ده لیتر ، هفت هزار تومن دادم ... جوانکی که در صندلی...
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    Deadly bomb attack in Iran city of Chabahar

    This is for you two who enjoy the killing of innocent people. Pay good attention to Min, 3.30, 4.32, 8.26.
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    US Navy Calling Persian Gulf “Arabian Gulf”

    U.S. Navy bombarded with Facebook complaints on use of 'Arabian Gulf' (CNN) -- The U.S. Navy's Facebook page is awash with thousands of pro-Iranian messages protesting the force's designation of the "Arabian Gulf" instead of...
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    US Navy Calling Persian Gulf “Arabian Gulf”

    Take Action: US Navy Calling Persian Gulf “Arabian Gulf” The US Navy has officially instructed its personnel they must refer to the Persian Gulf as the “Arabian Gulf.” This is an ethnically divisive, politically charged, and historically inaccurate propaganda term borrowed from the likes of...
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    Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

    While the media is keeping you busy about who shook whose hand and other trivial issues, this is whats going on without getting any attention.