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    Looking for World Cup ticket Spain Vs. Chile

    Guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask for WC tickets. Does anybody have (or know anybody who wants to sell) an extra ticket for the Spain Vs. Chile game? I'll be in Rio and would be awesome if I could get a ticket for that match. Aside from the FIFA website, where should I look for...
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    Travel to Spain

    We are planning a ~17 day family vacation this summer (starting Mid June) to visit various parts of Spain. I was hoping to get some tips and pointers from those of you who are familiar with the country and its tourist attractions. I’ve done some homework and based on the suggested touristy areas...
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    Amazing Iranian movie

    Not sure if you have seen this movie but it's amazing. Very touching. YouTube- Kasi Az Gorbehai Irani Khabar Nadaraad enjoy
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    Another Cell phone question

    So last night I lost my cell phone but I don’t feel bad about it as it was old and had hardware problems. Anyways, I am looking around to buy a phone which is compatible with Rogers' network. I was wondering if some of you cell phone savvy people would give me some advice on the cell phone model...
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    on the bright side....

    Theoretically, we have made it to the next round with this tie against China. That is of course we don’t lose to Malaysia (wouldn't that be something). GN better tune up the team before shit hits the roof in the next round.or may be he is trying to make iran the argentina of copamerica.....the...
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    Nice Hezbollah Suporters Must see clip!

    yep this is the good old OASIS !!! their ghelyoon rocks but the food sucks !
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    Back from Iran:Things have improved greatly. Many of you guys have no clue needs to see afew places before making any generalization and judgment. however many things can just be extrapolated and require no deep investigation.
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    Back from Iran:Things have improved greatly. Many of you guys have no clue

    my parents were there a for a about a couple of months in May-June. 1. lets start of with everyone's favorite topic TARAFFIC and CARS: Complained about Traffic but also mentioned you hardly see old cars (even in the southern parts of Tehran). They said subway was actually clean and helped...
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    how/where do i bet?

    Hi guys, So far i have been good with predictions and i feel im losing so much by letting this one go. in a competition where an upset is yet to come i feel safe betting. Can you please give a couple of good reliable sites for betting? keep in mind i live in canada. Cheers. Bardia...
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    USA or Iran?

    Well, today USA proved to be a better team than Iran. with one man down they were not settling and actually showed to be quite dangerous in attacks. they sure have something to brag about even if they don't qualify, whereas Iran, well....could get a tie (at best) with mexico (Just based on our...
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    Rate our players

    1 Worst....10 Best Mirza- 8 (He had no chance of saving that shot) Golmohamadi-5 Rezaie-6 Kaabi-6 Kia-6 Karimi-4 Hashemian-7 Teymooriyan-7.5 Nekoonam-5 Madanchi-6 Kahtibi-7 Zandi-6 Bakhteeyarizadeh- NA None of the palyers were OUTSTANDING...but over all above...
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    some comedy...'s about today's game what the hell was Daie doing? i always hear u guys say he walks on the pitch but i took it as him being ineffective and not productive. BUT, today around half way in the second half Daie seems to collide with another iranian player in the opponents field. the...
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    Yes..i solved the photo caption riddle

    I thought the purpose of wrong photo caption was to mislead the other teams about who really Kia is. Now I know it's nothing but about Kazemian suffering from multiple personality disorder. I...
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    Discoverd Kia

    so this is the Kia people keep talking about. i so wanted to see how he looks. I'll keep an eye on him in the world cup. another blooper Bardia
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    Angola-Togo [R] African Cup

    Angola beat Togo 3-2. Togo played over 2/3 of the match one man short ! At least we can be somewhat sure that beating Angola is not SO hard. bardia
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    Cameroon-Angola [R]

    3-1 for cameroon well..basically that etoo guy killed angola with a hat trick. bardia
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    Computer Question, is it worth it?

    Ok people, I'm about to buy a computer but i have a few questions regarding my choices. I want a system to work well for at least 3-4 years first option: P4 Processor 521 with HT Technology (2.8 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB) -512 MB (DDR@ SDRAM) -80GB SATA Hard Drive -CD Burner/DVD combo...
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    Some Logic we got here

    1. Daie can't run. replace with um ....i donno just replace him for time being..Borhani again?? 2. Mirzapour hasn't not improved since 2000 and hence needs to be replaced in WC with ummm...once again i donno just replace him for..just put a couple of rocks in the goal instead of him and...
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    Any News from Toronto?

    nope nothing major happend. only a few minor injuries.. all 309 passengers are safe and sound. Bardia