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  1. Arash_Tombangir

    Mars landing

  2. Arash_Tombangir

    The Three Musketeers in an unusual and exciting activity

    Fight vs wanna-be hAji-thieves using swords in Mississauga, Ontario LOL.....Canada....what a country it has become.
  3. Arash_Tombangir

    Ancient Persian (Parsi/Farsi) script vs Ancient Aramaic (Chaldean) script

    In my quest to learn more of the Persian (Farsi) language and above all to write and read, I have achieved a barely and fairly mixed results, no doubt I need to learn a lot more. I can perceive the language and I can speak just plainly, what I need more is to write and read all these crumbles &...
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    Favourite music band/group/song

    This black-clad monk "Fr Seraphim" born in Dzveli Qanda, Georgia" with Assyrian backdrop has a plump background. He has lived most of his life in Ukraine with a career in advanced mixed martial arts, worked as a bodyguard and even as a Ukraine security force until he found his faith and above...
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    Favourite music band/group/song

    Here we're moving with the Byzantine sounds of Greece in to the Balkans and to a very similar tone sequences found in the Bulgarian church songs, over to the Black Sea to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and northwest of Iran. A kind of ground tone, which at first sight perceived to be filled with...
  6. Arash_Tombangir

    Iran wolrd karate kumite champions 2018 Madrid

    Amazing lovely broUw in the forth fight, how could I miss all of these, fuck it... I am 40 and I FEEL I am OLD... What self-esteem, what a guy .... what a nation! I LOVE MY IRANIAN FATHER AND AND MY GRAND UNCLE. LOVELY FIGHTERS! IRAN IRAN IRAN
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    U.S. midterm election

    yO ma'nigga..... the fight is in 1,5 h..... Reds of Iran vs Reds of Japan. I am up early this morning for this fight, lets hope for the best! lets go cheer for our Red-fighters, we ll back to this later
  8. Arash_Tombangir

    2018 ACL Final - Second Leg(10-Nov-2018): Perspolis (Iran) vs Kashima Antlers(Japan)

    I am up early (need more coffee).... goooooooooooo REDS....go Perspolis .........YES WE CAN!
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    U.S. midterm election

    did you find the crap yet?
  10. Arash_Tombangir

    U.S. midterm election

    Well, choose one, which one do you think is easier to communicate with you!? I ᴉ ʞuǝʍ ʎon ʍonlp ˥OΛƎ ɯʎ ɔɐɹʇoouᴉsɥ nuᴉʌǝɹsǝ' ɥǝɹǝ ʎon ƃo˙˙˙˙˙ɔɐʇɔɥ' ʎon,ɹ ɐ ɟnɔʞᴉuƃ ɹǝʇɐɹp˙ II .drater gnikcuf a r'uoy ,hctac.....og uoy ereh ,esrevinu hsinootrac ym EVOL dluow uoy wenk i
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    U.S. midterm election

    What the fuck is this with all of these characters "^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^" everywhere at this board, for fuck sake ma'nigga cut it off, it's outdated, oldish! There should be penalties for people using old characters while @social-media! See hAji, illegal Canadian immigrants coming into town, this...
  12. Arash_Tombangir

    U.S. midterm election

    Although I promised myself to never reply in the same thread twice and on the same day, I do firmly an exception just for you, mi hombre! See, that was out of the context.....I admit it (if you want to go fudge-packing, fine with me....none of my business). I do not know where you coming from...
  13. Arash_Tombangir

    U.S. midterm election

    That was pretty confusing brother, I let a female colleague read my post and subsequently your comment (I needed to find out what halasson is and explain it to her, tricky one you are). She was kinda wised up like, wow.... wot the hook...she stressed "this must be a girl stalking you"....she...
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    2018 ACL Final, First Leg(11-03-2018): Kashima Antlers(Japan) vs Persepolis(Iran)

    I really hope Red-fighters will take home this crucial last game, that would really make me happy (although I do not like Mr. Jaggofović) I watched the match against Kashima Antlers in retrospect, they were no better than Qatari team Al-sad, also much worse team imo, shouldnt be that hard to...
  15. Arash_Tombangir

    U.S. midterm election

    They're simply TOOLS. That'int no what these uninformed cherokees believed would go when it all started. They're all losers, reminds me of poor eYranian-hAjis in mosques on the far side of the worst rural areas you could ever imagine. You know what, I will and I am going to VOTE for Trump yet...
  16. Arash_Tombangir

    2018 ACL Final, First Leg(11-03-2018): Kashima Antlers(Japan) vs Persepolis(Iran)

    Clearly ...... this idiot jagoffović is not worth to compete with Carlos Queiroz, he is a fucking lost case. There would not be necessary to use huge amount of Aqua Regia to discover that jagoffović beneath the surface is pure brass, fuckin retard... never liked him! However, pretty fucking low...
  17. Arash_Tombangir

    hAji sings call to prayer after converting to Islam

    They say she is cured and not crazy anymore, God Bless! I really hope she won't attending sandies embassy in Istanbul applying for Visa going hAjj. She changes her name to Sandie O'Conner . . . O'Conner in her prime..... just a reminder, the song was written by Prince
  18. Arash_Tombangir

    Favourite music band/group/song

    Oh...sorry, my favorite play going off the slide guitar, you know "the train's A coming", "like the sheriff coming with mirrored sunglasses, calling you 'boy'!", "big wind comin, moaning blues" and the boom chuck'a sound! And hell no, I would never pull up any clip with me involved playing...
  19. Arash_Tombangir

    2018 Asian Champions League Semi-Final, return leg: Persepolis(Iran)-Al-Sadd(Qatar)

    Great job done by my favorite goalie today (I saw a the last save.... WOW.... world class) and great job done by Red-boys...... right on! They say its a big party in the street of Tehran.
  20. Arash_Tombangir

    The world confronting Saudis killings and human rights crimes

    Amazing to see some hAjis here as always confusing adjectives and nouns once again, I'll try to avoid mentioning "mixing the pears and the apples". For fuck sake, why do you mix IRI-jagoffs day-work with what sandies doing at a piece of land inside Turkey? The Turks (Erdogan) wont give it up...