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  1. maziar95

    Dear Donald !

    IRI detained bunch of US sailors for a day and took some of their equipment. What did the Obama administration do? Apologized and praised Iran's treatment of the US sailors. I highly doubt Trump would of acted in the same manner.
  2. maziar95

    Citroen C3 in Iran

    That is one ugly car, apparently it has a fire extinguisher too just in case the engine catches on fire.
  3. maziar95

    Khamenei-Rouhani fight

    I used reza Pahlav as a example because the guy has a lot of reasons ( certainly more than you have ) to hate the IRI just like the MKO but yet they can differentiate a football team from the government.
  4. maziar95

    Khamenei-Rouhani fight

    I think the 1% are confused people with identity issues. A perfect example is you, the name of the website is iransportsptess so you know full well this site is full of "cunts" so why don't know you mingle with the 1% where you would fit ? Don't you guys have forums and websites ? I would be...
  5. maziar95

    Khamenei-Rouhani fight

    I think your giving yourself too much credit for not being a cunt by saying 90% of us live like cunts. I would say 99% of us live like cunts as you put it for supporting IRI sports teams. Even guys like Reza Pahlavi live like cunts because he too supports IRI football team.
  6. maziar95

    The Execution of a teen aged girl !

    A poor girl gets executed by a brutal regime and you somehow try to connect this to "IR" football.
  7. maziar95

    Khamenei-Rouhani fight

    I think this is all calculated and the so called "supreme leader" is trying to abolish the presidency position in Iran by picking fights with every president. I think his ultimate goal is to have a worthless prime minister position (elected by the parliament) that will give him and the next...
  8. maziar95

    Iran's tokhmi (s)election circus:

    I am really disgusted to see Iranians outside of Iran voting. Most of these Iranians are refugees/asylum seekers who left Iran because they claimed to be in danger and now they are voting for the same regime they "fear". Damn hypocrites.
  9. maziar95

    Airbus to deliver 114 planes after sanctions are lifted

    I don't think the IRI will ever buy 100+ planes even if they had the money which they don't. They signed these deals with Boeing And Airbus knowing it would fail. If these bastards cared about improving the qualify of transportation than Iranians wouldn't be riding old unsafe trains and cars...
  10. maziar95

    Israeli company to pay Iran + 1 billion dollars

    Hypocrites. They don't let our athletes compete against Israel because they don't recognize Israel but when it comes to collecting debt they fully recognize Israel in a court of law.
  11. maziar95

    Iran's new airline uniforms

    I think Hooters Air tried something similar to that but they went out of business in just 3 years. And in the US the FAA has a rule where flight attendants can't be fully nude so i am sure there are similar regulations in most countries .
  12. maziar95

    Iranian Forces freed Fallujah

    They can't even find Iranians to fight for their agenda. Most of IRI fighters in Syria and Iraq are Shia Afghans and Pakistanis. If you remember we were bitching about IRI in 2009 using foreign agents to beat up Iranians but the same thing is happening now and somehow that's okay now. It's...
  13. maziar95

    Iranian Forces freed Fallujah

    The Iranian government is on the right side of this conflict for the wrong reasons. Their ultimate goal is the spread of Shia Islam not to fight for humanity like you say.
  14. maziar95

    50 people killed - The worst mass-shooting in US history

    Hopefully this sends a message that you can't sell military style assault rifles to civilians. I think soon there will be a ban on those types of weapons in all states. AR15 sales are up the roof since the shooting , some gun store in Pennselvania sold a thousand in just a few days. I think...
  15. maziar95

    Airbus to deliver 114 planes after sanctions are lifted

    The Mehrabad Metro line is close to finishing
  16. maziar95

    Airbus to deliver 114 planes after sanctions are lifted

    According to these report they are also buying bunch of regional planes but like I said we have to wait and see if these planes end up in Iran. You are right about some of those restrictions but I honestly don’t think alcohol would be an issue, I drink but I wouldn’t consider having access to...
  17. maziar95

    Airbus to deliver 114 planes after sanctions are lifted

    I wont believe all these report until I see one new Airbus or Boeing in Iran but if these report do come out to be true and Iran does buy a lot of new planes then you wont see me complaining. We've complained for years about Iran not having new planes so if it does actually happen we should just...
  18. maziar95

    wtf... sandies embassy under attack!

    Animals . They execute poets , bloggers , political activists but then when the Saudis do the same they cry out and ask for justice . The Islamic Republic of Iran is the most hypocritical government in the world , I hope all foreign embassies shut down their embassies because these thugs don't...
  19. maziar95

    US government targeting Iranian-Americans again H.R.158

    I don't know how you come up with a conclusion that if you look European you wont be targeted. As far as I know if you were born in Iran and/or traveled to Iran you will be targeted so it wont matter if you are the most European looking Iranian that ever existed on this planet as long as your...
  20. maziar95

    US government targeting Iranian-Americans again H.R.158

    I guess it depends on who is doing the interview , My grandmother who lived here for 20 years and cant speak English hasn't been able to get her citizenship even with doctors note and shes tried a few times.