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  1. brando

    Post CQ - How to build upon his legacy?

    It is clear CQ made many good things happen for TM. - eliminating player sAlAri - building strong team - building PEC facilities - bringing discipline - removing hashie ppl like rahmati, peyrovani, karimi etc - pointing out our problems and fAsed football system. and many good things more. He...
  2. brando

    "DO or DIE"FIFA World Cup Group B: | IRAN vs PORTUGAL |Information, Updates & Live Reports| june 25th

    What result do we need for the last group match? None of Group B teams have yet qualifed. So basically Spain, Portugal and Iran all need to win, and Morocco need to say goodbye with respect and will go for a win. I guess this last match is a bekosh bekosh round. Here are all Iran friendly...
  3. brando

    A Question for Man U and Real Madrid fans

    Think good and think back... How do you rate Carlos Queiroz work at your club? from 1 to 10 and why? Merci.
  4. brando

    Geography Map Quiz (Including Iran's 31 provinces)

    Dorood be doostan We are all proud iranians, but do we know at all Where Ostane Yazid is located? Where is Golestan? Where is Kohgiluye & Boyer Ahmad? Take this Geo quiz test of Iran's all 31 provinces and expand your knowleg of Irans Geography. Before you take the quiz study this map. It will...
  5. brando

    World Cup 2018 official Groups

    Iran 🇮🇷 Spain 🇪🇸 Portugal 🇵🇹 Morocco 🇲🇦 in world Cup Group B If Iran can make it from group stage (group B), they will face Russia group (group A). No one leaves us any hope against Spain and Portugal. But at least we get 3 brilliant matches against good teams for free
  6. brando

    World Cup 2018 official pots. Pick a Group for Iran.

    World Cup 2018 official pots. Pick a Group for Iran. Make your desirble group for Iran by pick a team from pot 1, pot 2, Iran (pot 3) and pot 4 (no AFC teams AUS, JPN, KOR, KSA) and share your Iran group here.
  7. brando

    3rd pot. Irans first world cup 2018 Goal

    Entering World Cup for 2nd time in a role, was actually the first goal, but since qualification the main Goals of Iran must be, better draw pot for wc Groups and reaching the knock out stage at the world cup. This month's FIFA rankings decide which pot Iran will be in. Will it be pot 3 for...
  8. brando

    Skills Skills & Skills

    I open this thread so members can post skills videos. ONLY SKILLS MATTERS HERE :)
  9. brando

    Pooladi soon wanted by Interpol for military service

    I guess nation TV killed Pooladis name and his reputation by this video
  10. brando

    WC18 and AC19 Qualifications News and Updates

    Irans primature Exit from AFC15, combined with the Atmospher Team Melli and fans created at this tournament made us want more. But dont' worry. The qualifications are right around the corner. Starting for Iran in 5 months in June 2015. Due to sergury I'm home so I had planty of time to make...
  11. brando

    Ali Damagh & AFC Connection story

    Admin please leave this here in football thread. We have had a hard sleepless night and need som laugh. While waiting for AFCs result of the doping case, we became partly familier with a figure called: ALI DAMAGH! No doubt A.D. has been the bright side of this day. I tried to quote 10-12...
  12. brando

    Iraqi players doping update - 3-0 chance for Iran?

    One of Iraqi players Abdul Zahra failed the doping test (positive) while playing for Teraktorsazi. Iran have complained about Iraq using that player. AFC has taken Irans claims seriously and has informed FIFA about the case and asked for their assist. T AFC has told Irans team to stand by -...
  13. brando

    Wish list for TM under CQ to improve

    This Thread should only be replied by those WHO want CQ to stay. You want CQ to leave, open up your own thread. This is a wish list for CQ to improve our team. Lets hear your ideas. Once Again... its to IMPROVE and not to blame!!!! IMO CQ is the best thing that has happened for Irans...
  14. brando

    5 reasons why iran must win afc15

    A friend shared this on fb: I totaly agree. do you? 5 REASONS WHY IRAN MUST WIN AFC15: 1- WE HAVE WAITED FOR 39 YEARS Iran can proudly say We are 3 time AFC winners. But that was back in 1968-72-76. We have now waited for 39 years. 2- WE AVOID AFC19 Q Top 3 finisher in Asian Cup 15 are...
  15. brando

    Pictures of IRAN vs QATAR

    Here are som Pictures:
  16. brando

    Team Melli Quiz

    got this at facebook and like to share: First of all LIKE this picture of our Cheetahs. :4kerim: 3 questions: Most important player?, write: I ( and shirt number) Best player?, write: B (and shirt number) Most cool looking player?, write: C (and shirt number)
  17. brando

    GOALS Highlights AFC15

    Instead of searching ASIAN CUP Thread for videos. Here is the Video highlights thread. :4kerim:
  18. brando

    Can he kick it? Yes he can

    Can Messi kick it? Yes He can :) Watch "Lifting high" by Messi 10,13,15,18 meters here :4kerim:
  19. brando

    Irans road to AFC 2015 - (All 18 goals video)

    Here it is. Took a week. Sorry for the low quality based video, thats the best videos I could get to edit. Anyway make pop corn grab a beer and Watch 14 min of action. All 18 Goals of IRAN ASIAN CUP 2015 Qualification [HD] Irans impressive 390 days AFC15Q campaign with 18 goals in total. This...