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  1. kambujiyeh

    Thank you TM and Coach Queiroz

    I love the way the team is playing. Sure we lost today. Shit happens to the best teams. But nothing can change the fact that Iran had been a great team for the past 5+ years. Gone are the days when we just kicked balls aimlessly from our 6 yard line, shitty passes and overall jungle ball...
  2. kambujiyeh

    Bacheha Motshakereem

    You did us proud
  3. kambujiyeh

    What the f*CK is up with Iran's WC Kit? Can't get it anywhere

    Does anyone know where I can get my hand on this? It is embarrassing when you go to any sports shop that sells apparel and they say "if you find them please get us a couple" How sad is it that we Can't even get a simple jersey???
  4. kambujiyeh

    Well it is WC Time, and my chance to make a pilgrimage to my beloved ISP

    I have been following TM and I am really impressed by the way the team plays. I can not thank Carlos Queiroz enough for what he has done for our football. I am hopeful for a decent showing in WC against 3 very good teams. It is sad that we had to get stuck in such a hard group after playing so...
  5. kambujiyeh

    Is it me, or all the players way too tired?

    Looking at the quality of the games in Euro2016, Champions League, South American championships, etc... it seems as though the number of games these guys play (year round) is taking a toll on their stamina. I think there needs to be some consideration given to how many games the top players in...
  6. kambujiyeh

    I beg everyone to please petition IFF to sack Carlos and bring a Vatani coach!

    I am tired of seeing Iran play good football. I can not take this anymore. I need to see the crappy jungle ball, no vision, stinking defense and overall crap that we used to call Iranian Football.
  7. kambujiyeh

    What was this crap I saw from Iran today?

    I am sorry but this is pure BS. We passed the ball. Were organized. Played as a team. What the fuck is this shit? I am very happy CQ is finally leaving. Congrats to all Iranian lovers and those that care for TM. Now we can finally look forward to an Irani Coach who will get us playing our...
  8. kambujiyeh

    Watch 90 Live and you will find why Iran is so Fu*&& UP

    Baba what a fucking country. I mean the best scifi fictional writer can't script this shit. Then we talk about why we are so behind the rest of the world :(
  9. kambujiyeh

    My 2 cents

    I have been following this WC like most of you and was pretty disappointed with our first match with Nigeria. Now that a few days has gone by I have had adequate chance to reflect on our WC and my feelings are a little different. The reality is that we are passionate people with high...
  10. kambujiyeh

    Does anyone know when TM WC Shirts will be available?

    Do we know if there is sponsorship from Puma? Any idea what it looks like? Just curious.
  11. kambujiyeh

    Blast from the past 1982 Asian Games

    By chance I came across this video on another site and thought of sharing my memories associated with the 1982 Asian Games. I was actally living in India during that time. I was there from 1981 to 1984 and lived only a few yards from the stadium in New Delhi. In fact I was able to watch the...
  12. kambujiyeh

    Anyone know our head to head marks with reagrds to teams in our group?

    I know we played Argentina once in 1977 and we tied them 1:1. That is all I know of us playing against Argentina.
  13. kambujiyeh

    Highlights from Today's Iran vs. Qatar game for those interested
  14. kambujiyeh

    How nice was it to see Noshad Alamiyan wear a Farvahar necklace and show pride in his heritage

    Dorood bar sharafteh in pesar. Khoda nigaresh dareh. Very proud of him.
  15. kambujiyeh

    Does anyone else find all these Compariosn discussion nuaseating?

    Come on already. I never understood this discussion around who, what, where is the 'Greatest of all Time' BS. I mean has the world ended that we can now take a revisionist point of view across all the different eras? Also how can you compare a team from today to one that played 30, 40 or 100...
  16. kambujiyeh

    The problem with Iran is that we are JUST NOT THAT GOOD.

    We the fans are very much like parents of a real ugly child who because they love the kid can not admit that their child is ugly. Iran's TM is that ugly child and we must admit to it. We are just not a good team, at least not in comparison with the better teams in Asia (Japan, S Korea and even...
  17. kambujiyeh

    Iran Navy saves US freighter from Pirates in the Gulf of Oman

    Finally some good news :)