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  1. Motori

    When luck is on your side.

    It seems no one dies. Amazing!
  2. Motori

    Iranian History and Geography Quiz

    I'm going to start this thread hoping it will compete with" Just came in" and hopefully contribute and add to our general knowledge of beloved homeland. I will set the first brick and all your contribution will be highly appreciated. Here we go: What is this contraption you see in the picture...
  3. Motori

    Through Rouhani IRR submits WAVE (World Against Violence And Extremisim) to UN

    This prostitute (apologies to prostitution community) of regime, a regime which fills the air with stench of dead rotten pig every where it goes, a regime who averages 7 execution per day (does not include assassinations, disappearances and those who drink hair removing agents in prisons), it...
  4. Motori

    Indian diplomat arrested in NYC

    Here is the story. Indian Deputy Council general in New york city brings a Indian maid to US under A-3 or H1-B visa, in visa application form she declares that she will pay $4500 a month (minimum requirement for NYC) but actually pays her around $300, remember falsifying US official documents is...
  5. Motori

    Desmond Tutu reaches out to you

    To all Iranians and their so called leaders. Only 03:25, watch it
  6. Motori

    Confuser help

    Appreciate any assistance in advance. I have an external hard drive (Seagate brand model Free Agent Goflex don't recall the capacity at the moment) which stopped functioning this afternoon. When I connect it to USB port it makes few beeps then stops and ON light remains off. I have some...
  7. Motori

    ISP hacked?

    When I log in with my bookmark this is what it shows on the screen. Are we hacked? OwNed By DZ27 & Federal Welcome to The 0day Fuck ALL Iranian
  8. Motori

    Ahmadinerjacket in 7 minutes

    احمقی نژاد در هفت دقیقه I think the link below works better.
  9. Motori

    Moon Shine kills over 10 and poisons 100s in Rafsanjan

    * نوشیدنی «الکلی» باعث مرگ چند نفر و مسمومیت ۲۹۸ نفر در رفسنجان شدسایت***های محلی در استان کرمان از مرگ چندین نفر و مسمومیت ۲۹۸ نفر دیگر بر اثر استفاده از نوشیدنی «الکلی» فاسد و یا یک نوشیدنی سمی در شهر رفسنجان واقع در استان کرمان خبر دادند. این سایت***ها روز پنجشنبه (نهم خرداد) گزارش...
  10. Motori

    Pysychoakology of khamanei and his reactionary leadership

    The guy's name is Amir Rahnema, a psychiatrist by profession who wrote this interesting article about khananei's leadership, or lack there of. I know it is long but there are several interesting points in this article which might attract your attention. Please take your time and read it until...
  11. Motori

    Very brave park Ranger must see

    That is what I call end of a happy day, for both
  12. Motori

    Obama orders new sanctions on Iran.

    Obama signs order implementing new Iran sanctions...
  13. Motori

    Ribbit TV

    Has any one used or still using it? What is your take on it? Over 2000 tv channels with 1000 radio stations for only $10 a year. Is it too good to be true? Thanx for the input.
  14. Motori

    اندرمنشور اصحال طلبان

    محمدرضا خاتمی؛ ما پرچم براندازی را برای همیشه پایین کشیده ایم روزنامه اعتماد در شماره دوشنبه گفتوگویی با محمدرضا خاتمی، نایب رییس مجلس ششم و برادر محمد خاتمی رئیس جمهور پیشین درباره «خطوط قرمز اصلاح طلبان» منتشر کردهاست. محمدرضا خاتمی به این روزنامه گفته «من این نکته را میخواهم صریحا اینجا...
  15. Motori

    Neil Armstrong

    "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". I just heard that the 1st man on the moon passed away. RIP
  16. Motori

    Iranian-Americans roundtable in White House

    On July 18, the White House held a roundtable for Iranian American community leaders. Organized by the Office of Public Engagement, this event was part of President Obama's ongoing effort to create a dialogue between the administration and the various communities that constitute the American...
  17. Motori

    Obama to Nominate Jesus Christ to Supreme Court

    :4: resident Barack Obama is expected to nominate Jesus Christ, an immigrant originally born to a virgin mother in Bethlehem, to fill the new vacancy on the Supreme Court. Although Mr. Christ is over 2,000 years old, He is immortal, so Democrats and Republicans expect that He will serve on...
  18. Motori

    IRR proves Mossad is killing Iranian scientists

    (Z.A jAn, IIRC you had a thread about Majid Fashi but I couldn't find it. You can merge them if you wish) I have been discussing this matter ever since the saga started that I believe and insist that the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists have not been conducted by Mossad, CIA or...
  19. Motori

    9 Timeless leadership lessons from Cyrus the Great

    Forget 1-800-CEO Read. The greatest book on business and leadership was written in the 4th century BC by a Greek about a Persian King. Yeah, that’s right. Behold: Cyrus the Great, the man that historians call “the most amiable of conquerors,” and the first king to found “his empire on...
  20. Motori

    Lady Aung San Suu Kyi you have my vote

    I admire you Lady Suu Kyi for your courage and fortitude for standing up to a repressive and totalitarian regime all these years. I hope you will always be a beacon for freedom and peace in Myanmar and a friend of Iranians. What is not to love about you? Congratulations, we Iranians will take...