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    یار دوازدهم

    Just because we can...
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    another new ANNOYING reporter of IRIB

    Man, this guy (Abbas Ghane) really pisses me off, I don't know where he learned from to scream like cazy every time somebody shoots (which is very often in football). His jokes are tasteless, he sounds like one of those LAAT guys who enjoys annoying people. When I watch highlights from Varzesh3...
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    Tips on trip to UAE

    I'm planning to have a trip to UAE for the first time on the last week of January to meet with my nephew and his wife and go to TM games. Do you guys have any tips regarding hotel reservation, food, driving around (rental or no), etc.
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    “I’ll probably be Iranian. That would be like terrible.”

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) weighed in on what a DNA test could potentially reveal about his ancestry on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” awkwardly quipping: “I’ll probably be Iranian. That would be like terrible.” I wanna hear Iranians who support Trump in this forum what they have to say.
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    Watch WC18 in 4k in US?

    I have a LG OLED smart TV and Comcast which is no good when it comes to 4K content. They merely offered some events in 4K for winter Olympics after it was over ondemand. I know Direct TV shows all games in 4K (lucky ones who have it) and I know there are ways to stream the games to TV if you...
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    The new HBO series "Here and Now'

    What do you guys think of this new drama series? To me it was interesting because it had an Iranian story in it. To start with, I don't know when will an i Iranian actor really play an Iranian for real. In this series the Iranian therapist is played by Peter Macdissi ( Lebanese and Armenian)...
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    Persian restaurant recommendation in San Diego

    I will be in San Diego over the weekend and wanted to hear your opinions about the Persian restaurants, any good one there?
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    Culture of appreciation among Iranian goal scorers

    I have seen this so often it got the norm in Iran. When a player scores, instead of going toward the passer, he acts arrogantly and doesn't appreciate the goal assistant. Latest example in game between Sanat vs. Sepahan. Karar flanks it nicely and the goal scorer doesn't even goes in his...
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    Who is Nadim Amiri?

    This guy playing for German U-21 team scored the last goal in penalty shootouts. Maybe our Deutsche members can help us?
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    به بهانه سالگرد ندا آقا سلطان/ ۳۰ خرداد ۱۳۸&#1

    این شعر مرثیه***ای است از شاعر گران***قدر کشورمان شمس لنگرودی، که برای ندا سروده است. دخترم! سنتشان بود زنده به گورت کنند تو کشته شدی ملتی زنده به گور می***شود. ببین که چه آرام سر بر بالش می***گذارد او که پول مرگ تو را گرفته شام حلال می***خورد. تو فقط ایستاده بودی و خوشدلانه نگاه...
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    Where to find persian M3U playlist

    I'm looking for playlist with all persian and middle eastern channels to add to my IPTV app on my smart tv. Does anybody use IPTV on smart TV? I have a LG TV.
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    Why there was no leaks and hacks on republicans this election?

    This was a big question to me since the Wikileaks started leaking against Clinton and then the storm of fake news you could see everywhere specially in FB ( couple of my FB friends who were Trump supporter). Really, the question is, you think there was nothing to leak on Trump's shady business...
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    Zehn Tote in München - Tatverdächtiger ist 18-jähriger Deutsch-Iraner

    I guess our German representatives of this forum are asleep now, but it would be interesting to hear what's new about the guy who killed 10 people in Munchen, Germany. It's being told that he had German- Iranian nationality.
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    Renew expired iranian passport in US

    My friend wants to know: How long does it take to get the new passport if he send all completed documents overnight mail? he lives in California. For US passports, if you go to a passport center and if you can prove it's urgent, you can renew your passport same day. Is there something like this...
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    any good popup blocker for firefox?

    I have the AdBlock plus, but it lets all popup ads through, most annoying are those who block a portion of my screen. I have checked all the settings on my pc and they are right on.I'm willing to even pay for a good blocker, which one do you guys recommend? Thanks
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    Copa America Centenario, USA 2016

    10 Latin American and 6 CONCACAF national teams compete from June 3 to 26. I hope I can See Messi and Co. with Argentina. Last summer I purchased tickets of $500 to see Barca Vs. Manu in Santa Clara Levi's Stadium, unfortunately neither Messi nor Neymar were there. This time I purchase 2 tickets...
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    Neda's Birthday, Memorial of Neda Agha-Soltan, The Symbol of Freedom
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    Perspolise gol nazan

    I think we can officially take the title "gol nazan" from Borhani and give it to all PP forwards.
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    Jim Jefferies on Gun Control