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  1. abouzar

    about world cup tickets..

    just wondering if anyone has tried this time or previous times buying tickets as part of Iran federation's allocation? on the IFF site it just says you can apply through fifa site but doesn't say whether you need an Iranian ID card or passport (i was in my mum's passport when i was 10 but never...
  2. abouzar

    the reason i started following and playing football..

    I know he has his shortcomings in his personality but as far as an inspirational figure in iran's football to show you can achieve everything you want and more regardless of your starting position I can't think of any one better and this is the best compilation I've seen, it's missing a lot of...
  3. abouzar

    khatami in the guardian.. Iran: This time, the west must not turn its back on diplomacy Iran: This time, the west must not turn its back on diplomacy President Rouhani's UN speech can reignite the diplomacy that over a decade ago I saw was the only path to a better world Share 703...
  4. abouzar

    rouhani's nbc interview.. what did you guys think of it? i thought it was a bit weird how he chose to not answer the ahmadinjad topics directly (esp the existence of holocaust!) but obviously a much more positive tone than the last 8 years!
  5. abouzar

    iran's political prisoners letter to obama.. Iranian political prisoners' plea to Barack Obama: the full letter Exclusive: More than 50 prominent political prisoners reach out to US president, asking him to seize 'last chance' for detente...
  6. abouzar

    what is japan doing to italy?!!?

    leading 2 - 0 so far..
  7. abouzar

    all celebration videos here..

    let's post all videos of celebrations in one thread.. i just want to be able to see them all to make up a little bit for not being in iran..
  8. abouzar

    Euro 2012: Iker Casillas eyes milestone 100th win with Spain in final against Italy

    of course seeing as i'm posting this, the real reason is highlighted in bold! :-) When Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas leads La Roja in Sunday's Euro 2012...
  9. abouzar

    how Obama became a hardliner..

    just curious what the Obama supporters think of his actions with regards to civil liberties and of course his drone war? for me it's a lose-lose thing with american politics.. Obama ain't no angel but I it's not like republicans are offering any better solutions...
  10. abouzar

    fuck all the big club players.. cisse rules you all!!!

    i'm posting the video soon as it comes on but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this man knows how to score goals!!
  11. abouzar

    can you party in LA!?!

    this sounds like a real stupid question.. but can you actually party in LA? i always said going to america doesn't interest me but been kinda curious about LA and miami and when my mate said to go to america this summer, i thought let's see what LA is like and we are supposed to book the flight...
  12. abouzar

    Afghan woman to be freed from jail after agreeing to marry rapist i know our country isn't all that different either but still this is just wrong on so many levels even how diplomats stopped the documentary! Afghan woman to be freed from jail after agreeing to marry rapist President...
  13. abouzar

    Britain's hard hitting response to the embassy incident.. Ofcom reverses decision to revoke licence of Iran's Press TV Foreign Office denies government intervened in decision to switch penalty to £100,000 fine as tensions rose with republic reddit this Patrick Foster...
  14. abouzar

    new interview with daei.. i still haven't watched it all myself yet.. lol
  15. abouzar

    maz jobrani - go home arab
  16. abouzar

    does he deserve any credit?

    ok i'm not as hardcore as i used to be about my daei support but just wondering what people think about this record.. since daei came back to iran he was top goal scorer for perspolis.. then won the cup with saba battery.. then won the league with saipa and then won two cups back to back for...
  17. abouzar

    AN's martyrdom could delay the second coming of mahdi by up to 20 years..

    تاخیر ۲۰ ساله در ظهور در صورت «شهادت» احمدی***نژاد سایت «دولت***یار» هشدار داد چنانچه اقدامات «ناجوانمردانه» حامیان علی خامنه***ای علیه احمدی***نژاد ادامه یابد، احتمال دارد وی از خدا طلب مرگ کرده و ظهور امام دوازدهم شیعیان را ۲۰ سال به تاخیر بیندازد. این سایت با تاکید بر شعیب***ابن صالح...
  18. abouzar

    Carlos Queiroz full Navad interview
  19. abouzar

    now THIS is how you demonstrate!! (R)
  20. abouzar

    george soros: the iranian regime will not be there in a year's time..