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  1. abouzar

    this is just fucked up...

    Am I the only one who doesn't see any point in a two state solution and thinks the people of Palestine and Israel should just vote for one central government that respects everyone's human rights equally with smaller local governments to take care of local issues? I mean if it was up to me I...
  2. abouzar

    Two light paragraphs by Bertrand Russel - Article: Russell's Flying Teapot

    this is one of the most thorough arguments I've ever heard and i've listened to it a few times now..
  3. abouzar

    Ukraine - The frontier for Russian and American

    haven't read most of the thread but a few comments made me think of this (re prefering christian immigrants):
  4. abouzar

    about world cup tickets..

    just wondering if anyone has tried this time or previous times buying tickets as part of Iran federation's allocation? on the IFF site it just says you can apply through fifa site but doesn't say whether you need an Iranian ID card or passport (i was in my mum's passport when i was 10 but never...
  5. abouzar

    the reason i started following and playing football..

    I know he has his shortcomings in his personality but as far as an inspirational figure in iran's football to show you can achieve everything you want and more regardless of your starting position I can't think of any one better and this is the best compilation I've seen, it's missing a lot of...
  6. abouzar


    man lover and ehsan should have had their own tv show!
  7. abouzar

    Why vote? Paxman: Brand was right over public's disgust at 'tawdry pretences' of politics Newsnight presenter, who berated Russell Brand for never voting, admits 'green-bench pantomime' also stopped him once Share 670 2...
  8. abouzar

    Why vote?

    I don't know much about austrian parliament but are they allowed to have other sources of income? if they are not allowed what happens if it's found out that they did receive other money? for me that should be a criminal offense to be a politician and receive money from other sources! well...
  9. abouzar

    Why vote?

    well he didn't offer any actual suggestions but how bout: - take money out of politics.. give them decent wages.. say 100 to 150k but not allow them to have ANY other source of income at all. This would make the biggest difference to modern day politics and people who get into it - change...
  10. abouzar

    Thread dedicated to the great "Nasser Hejazi"

    haha just finished watching that episode, when i got to the hajazi bit i was so surprised i had to check i'm not just imagining it esp as it seemed really strange for him to say "i know he played goal keeper for iran's 1978 world cup team.. he's a legend there" and i'm like why would you know...
  11. abouzar

    Obama just offered Iran ...

    haha can't believe they were awake enough to give him a round of applause! lol
  12. abouzar

    Obama just offered Iran ...

    omg.. i knew this was overhyped but i never imagined his speech to be this bad! i thought he was the one that was meant to understand diplomacy!
  13. abouzar

    Obama just offered Iran ...

    cannot be "cameflagged"!!! fucking retard!!
  14. abouzar

    Obama just offered Iran ...

    who picks the translators?!?! this is unbearable.. and rouhani's speech itself isn't much better.. talking about fucking palastine now!!! fuck this
  15. abouzar

    khatami in the guardian.. Iran: This time, the west must not turn its back on diplomacy Iran: This time, the west must not turn its back on diplomacy President Rouhani's UN speech can reignite the diplomacy that over a decade ago I saw was the only path to a better world Share 703...
  16. abouzar

    rouhani's nbc interview.. what did you guys think of it? i thought it was a bit weird how he chose to not answer the ahmadinjad topics directly (esp the existence of holocaust!) but obviously a much more positive tone than the last 8 years!
  17. abouzar

    iran's political prisoners letter to obama.. Iranian political prisoners' plea to Barack Obama: the full letter Exclusive: More than 50 prominent political prisoners reach out to US president, asking him to seize 'last chance' for detente...
  18. abouzar

    Are you liberal or conservative (Iranian style)

    what a waste of time.. i just got a grid too!! but i would assume almost everyone on isp would have answered those questions the same way really (apart from maybe a couple of questions and a couple of people..!)
  19. abouzar

    what is japan doing to italy?!!?

    leading 2 - 0 so far..
  20. abouzar

    all celebration videos here..

    let's post all videos of celebrations in one thread.. i just want to be able to see them all to make up a little bit for not being in iran..