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    US suspects Iran behind hostage photos of ex-FBI agent, as wife calls for action

    The wife of a missing retired FBI agent is calling on the U.S. government to put more pressure on Iran to send her husband home, as she releases photos that she received two years ago of her husband as a hostage. Robert Levinson, a private investigator, disappeared in 2007 on the Iranian...
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    Bank Hacks Were Work of Iranians, Officials Say

    SAN FRANCISCO — The attackers hit one American bank after the next. As in so many previous attacks, dozens of online banking sites slowed, hiccupped or ground to a halt before recovering several minutes later. But there was something disturbingly different about the wave of online...
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    48 Iranians held by Syria rebels released

    Forty-eight Iranians held hostage by rebel fighters in Syria since August have been freed. They were released in exchange for 2,130 prisoners held by the Syrian authorities, a Turkish charity said.
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    Iran unveils new helicopter Toufan 2

    yes dear :) Iran has unveiled its latest combat helicopter Toufan 2 (Storm 2) during a ceremony attended by the country’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi. Speaking during the ceremony on Wednesday, Vahidi said the chopper belongs to a new generation of combat...
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    Intense Interrogation Kills Iranian National in US on Election Night

    Intense Interrogation Kills Iranian National in US on Election Night TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iranian national, Daryoush Sarreshteh, 73, died in the US two days after being intensely interrogated by customs officers at Dulles International Airport...
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    Israel - Gaza conflict : Islamic Jihad says it fired Fajr- 5 rocket at Tel Aviv

    GAZA (Reuters) - The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad said on Thursday it had fired a rocket that reportedly hit Israel's commercial centre Tel Aviv. The group, based in the Gaza Strip, said it had fired a Fajr 5 rocket. "We have widened the range of the battle to reach...
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    Its over, we wont go to the world cup

    because we do not have a game PLAN, because we are affected by emotions and not LOGIC
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    Iranian jets fire on U.S. drone Two Iranian Su-25 fighter jets fired on an unarmed U.S. Air Force Predator drone in the Persian Gulf last week, CNN has learned. The incident raises fresh concerns within the Obama administration about...
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    Orthodox Jewish woman harasses Palestinian mother
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    Iran Tajik predictions

    predict the scoreline for the tuesday game 4-0 for Iran goals by nekounam x2, ansarifard,pouladi
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    EU’s Ashton says will meet with Iran’s Jalili soon EU’s Ashton says will meet with Iran’s Jalili soon TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) - European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Tuesday that she would be reaching out to Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili "in the near...
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    Iran - Tajikistan 6 November in Tehran [Friendly]

    ایران –تاجیکستان ساعت 16:30-آزادی تهران دیدار تدارکاتی دو تیم ملی ایران و تاجیکستان شانزدهم آبانماه در ورزشگاه آزادی تهران برگزار می شود. به گزارش سایت رسمی فدراسیون، دیدار دوستانه دو تیم ملی ایران و تاجیکستان روز شانزدهم آبانماه راس ساعت 16:30 در ورزشگاه آزادی تهران برگزار می شود.
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    Irani girls

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    Iran - Uzbekistan predictions 14 November

    1-0 or 2-1 for Iran i think the Uzbeks managed to get very far in the WCQ campaign but TM's firepower will stop them eventually, they will have to race with Qatar for the 3th place(play offs)
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    Iran - Uzbekistan referee Team

    Main referee: Ali Ahmad Madhad Seif Albadawi (UAE) Assistant 1: Jasem Seif Hamed Almahiri (UAE) Assistant 2: Yaser Ahmed Marad(KUWAIT) Referee 4: Hasan Mohammad Mohammad Abdullah (UAE) Referee observer: Abdolrahman Delavar(BAHRAIN) Match Observer: Chang Chin Yu(Taiwan) "البدواوی" اماراتی داور...
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    Mamad Nouri

    this guy is absolutely crap, to make it worse, he misses the opportunity to score from 1 metre :insane: At 00.40
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    Iranian UAV flew over sensitive sites in Israel

    Hezbollah admits it was behind Israel drone launch The Israeli military released footage it said showed the aircraft being destroyed in flight Continue reading the main story Related Stories Netanyahu calls early...
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    Iran's spy agency finds voice in cyberspace

    TEHRAN, Iran—A glimpse into the shadow world of Iran's main spy agency is now a click away. In an unexpected display of outreach, the Intelligence Ministry now hosts a website with addresses of provincial offices, appeals for tips and anti-American essays that mock rising obesity rates...
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    recently revealed photo from one of secret Iranian Cyber Army centers

    Iran's IRGC Cyber Forces A recently revealed photo from one of secret Iranian Cyber Army centers in which different teams are on duty. Iran is said to be among five top Cyber powers in the world .
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    Iran - South Korea predictions (doomsday)

    1-0 Iran, from a set piece or corner