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    ایران یک هواپیمای بدون سرنشین آمریکایی ر&#

    For the recorde I was referring to the pictures from Mashad.
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    ایران یک هواپیمای بدون سرنشین آمریکایی ر&#

    Madar Ghahbeha yeki az yeki digeh zesht tar va khers tar mishan. how did we become so ugly ?
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    Timeline for a change

    Ayval Pahlevoon you said it all I dont remember who but we had a member that time to time would say reedam to rohet ashtar where are you brother.
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    درگيري هاي 25 بهمن به روايت يك بسيجي

    Beh zoodi on batom ro to koneh khodesh va hosien va shahab bekhosos mesam chenan mikonan keh digeh az in goha nakhoran madar khabeh hezbolahie.
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    The next dictator to go is...

    Thats what I was thinking he calls him a bozo he looks much sharper than all the fucking Akhoonds and Pasdars are you for reall ?
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    The next dictator to go is...

    So Mr I already know everything if its only 50 to 60 people demonstrating why your Arbabs dont let them come out and the whole world would see that out of 80 millions Iranians they are only 60 people that dont like the akhoonds and every one else is a supporter why do they have to panic as soon...
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    1ST goal must be to free karoubi and Mousavi

    I talked to my cousin a couple of days ago and asked if he will go out to protest he responded no when I asked for the reason he said because this is a fight between akhoonds darand to sara ham digeh mizanan I dont want to risk my life for a group that after being in power are going to praise...
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    Afshin Ghotbi Dedicated Thread!

    Sad but true lack of confident some thing that has to do with our culture.
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    Public Punishment in the streets of Tehran

    Great point, yes fuck the police and the government but also fuck those who watch this shit or stonning someone.
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    Iran assassinated 180 Iraqi pilots after the fall of Saddam!

    I feel the same I know it sounds cruel but I dont feel sorry if that happened which I dont think it has.
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    این ملت مشنگ فرانسه

    Nicley done, thanks for sharing.
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    protests around the world in the past 2 weeks

    Thats what I was thinking no matter how shitty the goverments are in any of those countries it cant match what IRI has done to our people.
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    Bagheri and Majidi plays soccer with AN!

    Khafeh Sho , tanha chizi keh az maymoon yad gereftid dalkhak bazieh, and fuck off with that 25 million, bacheh Akhoond.
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    Bagheri and Majidi plays soccer with AN!

    I wonder how many more famous player were invited and didnt go ? why Bagheri and Karimi? however I have lost respect for Bagheri, kissing Ass its always easier than staying true to your values.
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    Clinton Uses A. Gulf -- Take Action

    I am going to do what Nilou Khanoom did, thanks for forwarding this.
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    Clinton Uses A. Gulf -- Take Action

    Pahlevoon, Chakeram, I tried ostad but you have to provide an address in U.S , am I wrong ?
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    What are your thoughts on "hezb mehr" ?

    Welcome back, its too funny someone got killed ? my Father has a few friends that they served in army during shah I actually asked them if they know anything about Mehr and they have never even heard of it just the fact that they have been trying to free Iran in the past 30 years and no one even...
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    British head coach of Iranian billiard team adopts Islam

    So, I guess they will call him Davood jan, make sence.
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    This iranian NEJAASAT was killed in pakistan.

    Well good that he is dead for us and him especially for him halla dar behesht neshasteh va malayek badesh mizanan, win and win situation.