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  1. Bauvafa

    `Coalition of the Willing`

    Can this coalition defeat the will of the Iranian nation? Please vote.
  2. Bauvafa

    `Torah Scholar` Caught Molesting Hospitalized Elderly!!!!! What a sick bastard! A 27-year-old man was busted Wednesday night on charges of sneaking into a Manhattan hospital room and molesting a 72-year-old patient, police...
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    Rupert Murdoch aims to block Google search Media mogul Rupert Murdoch says he will explore ways to block Google from using news content from his global empire. Speaking to Sky News Australia, the Australian-born billionaire said he would try to remove articles from Google's...
  4. Bauvafa

    Israeli rabbi backs killing non-Jews (Goyim) This is coming from their "religious" leader. One can only imagine the sickness among them: An Israeli rabbi has supported the murder of non-Jewish babies who pose a threat to Israel in his recently released book The King's Torah...
  5. Bauvafa

    Mahmoud, the GQ Man!

    I thought he looked pretty slick in this trip. The dark navy blue suit looked real nice. I just happen to come across this one.
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    Haji Firooz Dance Report [R]

    The usuall blah blahh blahhhh from a typical politician. still 0-0
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    Jimmy "Tough Guy" Traficante Promises Action

    Jimmy is all pissed off and he means business. Based on the comments, seems like he got himself some big time fans, no googool-magoolis. His fans are all for action:
  8. Bauvafa

    Saturday, July 4th Updates:

    The calm and peace seem to have prevailed. Sky is clear and sunny -- lots of sunshine.
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    Eyyy Ham-Meehan, BekhAneem o Roshan Shaveem! The Circus at Columbia University By Kam Zarrabi, Intellectual Discourse To avoid a potential misinterpretation of my personal views or a misunderstanding of my position regarding the currents of sociopolitical affairs in the Islamic Republic of...
  10. Bauvafa

    Iranian-American Woman Victim of Hate Crime in New York

    9/18/07 Iranian-American Woman Victim of Hate Crime in New York MATINECOCK, New York: An Iranian-American nail salon owner was brutalized by robbers who called her a "terrorist" and scrawled anti-Muslim messages on a mirror in her shop, the victim and police said. "I'm in shock," victim Zoreh...
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    Just a Question:

    Why do we call mustard khardel?
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    Referee's Favoritism to the Saudis, yet again!!

    I didn't watch the whole game but after looking at the highlights when the score was 1-0 in favor of the Saudis, Uzbeks scored a beautiful goal that was called offside by the linesman. If anyone saw the goal, it was miles from offside and such a bad call that even FSC announcer was shocked by...
  13. Bauvafa

    Bush Elevates Dick To The Highest Level!

    :nanana: Bush being hospitalized and Dick Cheney takes over presidency. Bush's Exam Will Leave Cheney in Charge By DEB RIECHMANN , AP Posted: 2007-07-20 16:54:33 Filed Under: Politics WASHINGTON (July 20) - President Bush will have a routine colonoscopy Saturday and temporarily hand...
  14. Bauvafa

    GN or Dunga?

    They are very similar in many ways. Both are vatany for their team; both are young and inexperienced. Both have many critics who feel the coach is not qualified. But both are proving them wrong. Dunga came back from a loss to Mexico to win the Copa America, and Mr. Ghalenoee is on his way to do...
  15. Bauvafa

    Jalal Hosseini -- New Star!

    How impressive can Hosseini get considering his limited international experience. It becomes more evident when you compare him to Rezaie with tons of internation experience in TM and club level. He was solid again against China despite his lack of speed which he makes up for by his intelligence...
  16. Bauvafa

    Karimi Had Problems With The Pitch!!

    How about that???? :-ohno: China, Iran target Asian Cup quarterfinal berth (AP) Updated: 2007-07-14 18:09 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia _ Zhu Guanghu's Chinese lineup knows its 5-1 win over Malaysia will count for little when it takes on Iran in an Asian Cup match likely to decide top place in...
  17. Bauvafa

    Did FSC Skip AFC Games News?

    Fox Sports Channel carries 5 minutes of news about AFC games each night in their evening news but tonight they didn't mention anything about the games of the day. Aussis embarrassed a lot of people!
  18. Bauvafa

    Bin Hammal Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management!!!!

    how funky can things get in AFC?? :chase: KUALA LUMPUR: AFC President, Mohamed bin Hammam, was today conferred with a honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration in Sport Management by...
  19. Bauvafa

    2nd Half is Coach's Half!

    We have all heard this cliche and it was most obvious in Iran's game today. The first game of the tournament has turned out to be most challenging for all contenders so far, as scores suggest. In case of Iran, all that nervous energy was magnified by an own goal at the beginning of the game, and...
  20. Bauvafa

    Final 11 against Uzbakestan?

    Here is what I think GN will line up against Uzbeks. ---------------------------Roudbarian-------------------- --Kaebi---------Hosseini-------Rezaie-------Zandi- --Kia--------Teymourian-------Nikou-------Karimi-- --------------------Hashemian---------Enayati-------- GO IRAN :Iran1: