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  1. mashtnaghi

    Immigration and the World Cup

    Other than two teams KSA and Peru all other teams have a number of players who are first generation immigrants or have immigrant ansectry. You will be surprised that the number of players who were born outside of the nation thy are representing are less than the number of your fingers. How many...
  2. mashtnaghi

    The soccer team in Thailand is the team to root for.

    I hope they are rescued soon. They asked about the World Cup. Imagine being members of a soccer team and stuck in a cave with your life in jeopardy during the World Cup.
  3. mashtnaghi

    An honorable man we shamefully have insulted in our stadiums

    Let us recognize this wonderful profassional, and great man, for how he has made us proud in this World Cup. Shame on anyone who ever insults refree’s like him. Thank you Mr. Faghani.
  4. mashtnaghi

    Your opinion on VAR

    After listening to Carlos Queiroz’s post-match interview, I think he has a point. Here is the summary of what he said: He has been asking for a system like VAR for years, but he thinks it needs to be modified or has to stop. Who is making the final decision, the referee or the VAR officials? We...
  5. mashtnaghi

    سال نو مبارک

    Hello all, It has been so long since I posted anything here. Happy new year to all and best wishes.
  6. mashtnaghi

    Don't stop :)

    Some has commented that this was made two years ago. YouTube - Snickers - Don't Stop! Funny Commercial! (the Full version)
  7. mashtnaghi

    Survivor guilt

    I have been sitting here all day drowned in survivor guilt. How about you? I can not get her image out of my head.
  8. mashtnaghi

    یک بار جستی ملخک، دو بار جستی ملخک

    You know who you are ملخک and so do we.
  9. mashtnaghi

    ISP action: Ask your friends to wear green.

    Those in Iran need to see signs of support form the world. Ask all those you know to wear green on Tuesday. Spread the news to all that they know. I am not sure how long it will take for it get around, but let's set Tuesday as a the day the world goes green in solidarity with the people of...
  10. mashtnaghi

    Call to action. Pasha had done a great job translating it (thank you Pasha) Ba ejazeh Pasah khan, I have changed the format and a few words. Please...
  11. mashtnaghi

    Election Algebra problem.

    Less than 30% of Iran's population lives in the rural areas. It will not be far fetched to also assume that high level of illiteracy translates into too many children, and wondering over what percent of the people in the rural areas are over 18? Let's assume that the average of 57% of the...
  12. mashtnaghi

    People have won.

    No mater what happens, people have won. We know it and they know it. With each uprising, they will have and have to give in some, until they fall. And fall they will. We know it and they know it too.
  13. mashtnaghi

    What do you think of his music?

    YouTube - Hamed Nikpay "In Ecstasy" ( Madhoosh ) YouTube - Hamed Nikpay "Deceit" (Fareeb)
  14. mashtnaghi

    The look

  15. mashtnaghi

    Can slap your wife, if she spends too much!

    The Saudi judge said in a conference on domestic violence!!
  16. mashtnaghi

    Question on ADSL in Iran.

    Do you know how the cost and speed?
  17. mashtnaghi

    Wagering on the new coach.

    How many "breaking news" will we see that will announce the official and confirmed name of the coach, which of course will turn out to be wrong. I say four.
  18. mashtnaghi

    مرد دو هزار چهره (مربی*** فوتبال

    I just the one yesterday and it was damn funny. I don't know how long they have been running and how long they will run.
  19. mashtnaghi

    Surgery sucks

    I picked the best time to get the tumor out and missed Iran's match. But, I am telling you surgery sucks, unless you like drugs and feeling groggy. I was just discharged after spending three nights in the hospital like a vegetable. The best part are the nurses :) All is well other than a huge...
  20. mashtnaghi

    Field the B team

    Making it to the World Cup means very little if you don't do well in it. If we cannot beat KSA at home at least by a margin of three goals, we don't belong to the WC and we will not do well even if we miraculously make it. Get a world-class coach. Filed the future team. It is time to...