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  1. Sly

    Iranian candid camera

    This seems to be staged but still so funny.
  2. Sly

    R.I.P. Kirk Douglas

    He was a legend!
  3. Sly

    Pills found in cakes in Iran

    This seems to be organized. It's found a lot and in many different places. Warn your families and relatives.
  4. Sly

    Seedorf in Iran: Interview with Ferdosipour

    Didn't know Ferdosipour was working at TVplus.
  5. Sly

    Iran's Judo suspended all together!

    فدراسیون جهانی جودو، ایران را از تمام فعالیت‌ها محروم کرد 8 ساعت پیش همرسانی در فیسبوک همرسانی در Telegram همرسانی در توییتر همرسانی در ایمیل همرسانی حق نشر عکسREUTERSImage captionسعید ملایی در مسابقات جهانی توکیو فدراسیون جهانی جودو ایران را از کلیه رقابت‌ها و فعالیت‌های اداری و اجتماعی این...
  6. Sly

    Ahmadinejad - Michael Jackson relationship

    I can't believe no one has mentioned this here. It was posted at Michael Jackson's birthday 2 days ago: :D
  7. Sly

    Hybrid offsprings of a tiger and a lion in Iran

    They made the so called "Tigons"!!! The purpose? No one knows!
  8. Sly

    اولین زن بوکسور ایرانی در یک مسابقه رسمی

    I don't get it. Isn't she supposed to be covered if she's officially boxing for Iran? Damesh garm though!
  9. Sly

    What happened to Kaka's career?

    What a fantastic player he was! Too bad, he had a short career under the spotlights.
  10. Sly

    RIP Bahram Shafie!

    I can not believe it!!! I really liked the guy! and so young....... Khoda biyamorzadesh. کد خبر: 1560000/4 زمان: 19:45 1397/07/17 بازدید: 109,966 خبر ناگوار برای اهالی ورزش و رسانه باورنکردنی؛ بهرام شفیع درگذشت مجری برنامه باسابقه ورزش و مردم لحظاتی پیش در بیمارستان بهمن تهران درگذشت. به...
  11. Sly

    (R) جزئیات رفتار شنیع ۵ عضو شورای شهر بابل با زن متاهل

    Have you guys heard this? :D جزئیات رفتار شنیع ۵ عضو شواری شهر بابل با زن متاهل در برابر ۶ دوربین حرفه ای...
  12. Sly

    Just came back from Iran

    The economy situation becomes more visible when you get to see working class and under. I was at the orthopedist and this limping patient was talking to the secretary and she tells him it will be 150.000 toman. The guy says I don't have it. The secretary says that's how much it costs you need to...
  13. Sly

    مناظره جنجالی مجتهد زاده و بروجردی

    Very interesting debate about Iran's missile program: مناظره جنجالی مجتهد زاده و بروجردی درباره برنامه موشکی ایران
  14. Sly

    Google today

    While Iran is barred from buying iphones and Nike products, here is google's search engine today:
  15. Sly

    Trump warns Rouani

    Following Rouhani's recent speech, Trump comes out with a threat in his twitter account. Note the text is in caps.
  16. Sly

    4 Sisters Took Same Picture For 40 Years

    What you are about to see below is a stunning example to see how time can transform people. In 1975, Nick Nixon, professor of photography at the Massachusetts College of Art, took a picture of his wife Bebe and her three sisters. They ranged from ages 15 to 25. Nixon and his subjects decided...
  17. Sly

    (!اندراحوالات تجاوز (تو سوراخ دمپایی میشه؟

    I don't know if this has been posted before or not but.... :D :D
  18. Sly


    Hi, Pooya, why can't you make more than 10 options when you create a poll? Can you increase it to 30 or something? Thanks in advance.
  19. Sly

    Ferdosipour making fun of majles member in Dore hami show

    You guys have probably seen the video of the genius in majles who tries to pronounce "moozeye Louvre". :D Now watch Dore hami show with Ferdosipour as guest, minute: 1:27:35 Ferdosipour harf nadare!!! :D Dame Mehran Modiri garm for picking it up and continuing the fun. :D
  20. Sly

    Asghar Farhadi's "Everybody knows"

    Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s ‘Everybody Knows’ to Open Cannes Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE) By Elsa Keslassy @elsakeslassy Elsa Keslassy International Correspondent@elsakeslassyFOLLOW CREDIT: PHOTO TERESA ISASI Two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi’s psychological thriller...