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    تبریک به استقلال

    تبریک به استقلال برای جام فوتبال باشگاههای برتر. با آرزوی موفقیت تیم ملی در خردادماه پاینده ایران
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    Western media coverage of Iran's nuclear program -- A report.

    This is a report of coverage of western media (mostly UK and USA) about Iran's nuclear program. The report just came out (April 2013):
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    Power of a man from India (X rated)

    Power of an Indian man (LOL) X rated.
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    Chinaski and Bogus Members who use profanity

    It is easy to express one’s view irresponsibly. Meaning a person hides behind a bogus name and says this or that in reality this coward is the first to claim it was not him. There are a few of us who are known and even fewer than this who live or most of their time live in Iran. We must...
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    TEDx Tehran Persian Gulf Knowledge Village

    TEDxTehran: Microalgae creation in Iran– Dr. Nasrin Moazami “ Persian Gulf Knowledge Village” the leader in biofuels. Iran is proud signatory to Kyoto Treaty of Global Warming. Iran has the resources near and/or in Persian...
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    A basket of gifts for Iranian athletes in London (Summer 2012) a suggestion

    Suggestion: ISP members should prepare at least 14 packages, preferably 54 packages plus few more packages for deserving coaches such as Bana. Each package or basket could include a plaque, a nice watch, a pair of sport shoes, and a nice perfume or pen. I estimate this package to cost $250 -...
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    A song with a video: I love Iran من عاشق ايرانم

    من عاشق ايرانم
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    Iran’s Olympic leader says his athletes will face Israelis after previous withdrawals.

    Iran’s Olympic leader says his athletes will face Israelis after previous withdrawals is the article in case the link does not work...
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    Support UBC Iranian Studies Initiative

    The University of British Columbia (UBC) Asian Studies department has embarked on a vigorous initiative to establish a Persian Language and Iranian Studies program at the university. For details kindly consult: UBC Initiative in Persian Language and Iranian Studies (pdf)Below is an excerpt from...
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    May 24: Peaceful demonstration to re consider Canada visa closure in Iran

    Although I do not live in North America, I received the following message. You may consider attending this event today (May 24, 2012) by Saead Soltanpour 23-May-2012 Dear Friends we are supporting the peaceful gathering to demand " re consideration of the visa closure in Iran. Jason Kenney...
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    Anti-Iranian poster in Texas

    Here is the anti-Iranian poster in Texas USA For more information:
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    2011 World Weightlifting Championship, France

    2011 World Weightlifting Championship, France November 5 - 13 Iranian weightlifters left Iran on Thursday, November 3, 2011. Interesting statistics about Iran. Iran either did not participate or did not win anything...
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    The United Nations vote on the Cuba embargo — 20 years in a row

    YearVotes (Yes-No)(countries voted No) 1992 59-2 US, Israel 1993 88-4 US, Israel, Albania, Paraguay 1994 101-2 US, Israel 1995 117-3 US, Israel, Uzbekistan 1996 138-3 US, Israel, Uzbekistan 1997 143-3 US, Israel, Uzbekistan 1998 157-2 US, Israel 1999 155-2 US, Israel 2000 167-3...
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    Drones Coming to Your cities . . .

    Many moons ago, I wrote something about testing Western military equipment in third world countries to perfect them. USA tested its drones in Pakistan and other countries and now they are coming to cities near you...
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    Breaking News: USA women Gymnastics Coach is going to jail....

    USA Gymanstics coach's sexual abuse
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    بازيكنان پرسپوليس بعد از جلسه با رويانيا&#1606

    After Thursday morning meeting with Royanian Perspolis players were very happy.... because if they win against Damash next week each player will receive five gold coins worth $600 each. Here is the whole story in Persian (or Parsi): نوشته شده توسط پویا نوایی پنجشنبه ، 5 آبان 1390 ، 13:48...
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    USSR and Russia

    This is a clip of USSR and Iran when they played in Olympic of 1976 This is the a clip when Iran played Russia in 2011
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    Luca Bonacic left Iran

    Luca Bonacic left Iran and I heard on TV (Iranian sport) that he accepted a coaching job in Japan.:--wierd: He took $300,000 for few months that he was in Iran:devil-smiبوناچيچ_300_ميليون_از_سپاهان_گرفت
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    Futsal - Brazil Grandprix 2011

    GROUP C IRAN (6), URUGUAY (11), USA (23), BELGIUM (26) (number is world ranking) 16.10 Iran v Belgium, Uruguay v USA 17.10 Iran v USA, Uruguay v Belgium 18.10 Iran v Uruguay, Belgium v USA October 16, the game started with Belgium Belgium 1 - Iran 0 Belgium 1 - Iran 1A. Hassanzadeh 11:52...
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    FILA 2011 Coach for Men's Freestyle

    FILA's 2011 Coach for Men's Greco-Roman (in Persian Aazad) is Mohammad Bana. (Fila is late in updating this site, but the certificate was shown on IRIB 2 on October 16, 2011) Good for Iran and Iranian Wrestling team.:cheer-2::--party: