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    Iran should move to UEFA. No more AFC.

    Iran should move to UEFA. Australia moved to AFC Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, etc. All play in UEFA. After this awful match, I've realized that there is no other choice. There is too much corruption in AFC. Israel's reason for going to UEFA was...
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    Iran vs South Korea Full Game??

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the Second Half? NavadAzIran only uploaded the first half unfortunately. :(
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    Do you see Hossein Kaebi bouncing back?

    He's only 25 years of age, and is almost at the age where he is supposed to be most promising. Do you see Hossein Kaebi bouncing back at Rah Ahan? Do you think his football career is going to be over soon?
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    Alireza Vahedi Nikbakht...Chera?

    Anybody know WHY Alireza Vahedi-Nikbakht has been banned from Team Melli? I know this happened a while ago, but I never truly understood why. I know someone posted a Farsi article, but unfortunately I never learned how to read. (I'm taking classes though :) ) Can someone finally explain to me...
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    Wanted: HD Iran Team Melli Wallpaper

    Some of the wallpapers I've seen are pretty mediocre! I'm thinking maybe I'm just not looking in the right place! Do you guys have any Team Melli (High Resolution) wallpapers that you've created or found surfing the web? Post them here! I'd love to snaz up my new laptop with some nice wallpaper!
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    Iranian Hockey Prospect: Mika Zibanejad Mika Zibanejad! Apparently this kid is AMAZING! He's potentially being drafted 18TH OVERALL!! In this year's draft!! Most likely he'll be drafted by the LA Kings (HAHHA LOS ANGELES! It'll be like home for him :p ) Hope he...
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    Saudi Arabia sacks coach Jose Peseiro! Wow!
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    Just watched "Rang e Khoda" "The Colors of Paradise"

    Great film! Did anybody know that Mohsen Ramezani (Mohammad Ramezani in the film) is actually blind in real life? Either way, a great performance by him! :)
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    Iran vs Brazil Full GAme download? English Commentery!

    Is there anyone that can provide this? :(
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    Ahmad Abedzadeh called it...

    Anybody else remember Abedzadeh (Who was Esteghlal's goalkeeping trainer I think) say Mehdi Rahmati was going to be the next big thing? This was during the time when Iran's goaltender situation looked like this: Ebrahim Mirzapour Hassan Roudbarian Vahid Taleblou Mehdi Vaezi Mehdi Rahmati...
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    If you've ever played the older Civilization games, the Persian warriors and workmen always spoke Farsi! And very beautiful, fluent Farsi! Unfortunately, I just saw the video of Darius speaking in this game. And he's speaking Arabic. Here is the link to the video. You'll need a flash codec to...
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    Price of laying somebody to rest in Iran...

    Hey, guys! My mother unfortunately is going to pass away in 4 - 7 weeks due to cancer... We live in Canada right now, but I was wondering how much it is for someone to be laid to rest in Iran? Do we have to buy the land ourselves? Has anybody done this before? If anybody knows, I would be...
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    Stop saying Iran would have failed miserably in the World Cup!

    YouTube- Korea Rep - Iran Match Highlights & National Anthems Watch that (sexy quality) video. Look at how damn hard our Lions worked at that game. Look at the power house Korea is. Look at how they embarrased Greece in the WC, and embarrased Australia before the World Cup. I know just...
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    Why African Nations Cup is 6 levels higher than the Asian cup

    YouTube- Angola - Mali & opening ceremony highlights I don't see any Asian teams (Especially Iran) making goals like these.
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    (Video) Esteghlal vs. CSKA Pamir

    YouTube- Football of Tajikistan. Istiklol 3-2 CSKA Pamir Esteghlal Tajikistan of course. :) I thought this was pretty cool! Our Cultural neighbour's Tajikistan have their own Esteghlal! I bet their Persepolis is better though :p
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    (Request) Pictures of Iran vs. Jordan!

    Anyone got them from today's match? Post them, please. So we can see the kits properly. :)
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    All Persians speak Arabic.

    So, I recently got my new Empire: Total War game for the PC. Excited as hell to pop it in, and start playing as Iran (Persia)! I run the game...and the to my amazement. The Persian Empire's official language? Arabic. What do the troops speak? Arabic. I'm sure during the Safavid Era...
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    Request: Video of Iran goal vs Hollands in ESPN or Eurosport Commentary

    I made a new thread, because people are ignoring me in the other ones. :D
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    Iranian National Team of Ice hockey! Tryouts soon to be announced!

    I have emailed both the IIHF and the Ministry of Culture regarding an Iranian National Team of Ice Hockey to participate in the next Challenge Cup of Asia! (2nd Division Word cup of hockey) I know lots of Iranians are into hockey, and there are currently 3 Iranian NHLers (I use the term...
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    NFL Quarterback murdered by Iranian girlfriend

    (CNN) -- The killing of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been classified as a murder-suicide carried out by his girlfriend, Nashville police Chief Ronal Serpas said Wednesday. Steve McNair, 36, spent 13 seasons in the NFL, the majority with the Tennessee Titans. 1 of 2 "The...