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    بهترین آهنگ***های ده شصت Top 50 Javad Music

    I know 80s were not exactly the climax of music, but seriously?! I challenge you to watch it to the end without nauseating!
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    Who is this guy in footballitarin video on Iran-Ireland game?

    Go to min 12, you'll see a famous ISPer!
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    This is what our football media is

    مهدی مهدوی***کیا در حاشیه دیدار استقلال و تیم ملی جوانان خاطره جالبی تعریف کرد. به گزارش خبرنگار ورزشی خبرگزاری فارس، دیدار تیم***های استقلال و تیم ملی جوانان در حالی برگزار می***شود که حین شروع بازی مهدی مهدوی***کیا که با جواد زرینچه در سال ۱۹۹۸ هم***بازی بود خاطرات جالبی را از مسابقات جام...
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    من با کیم؟ سراسری ایران، هیات مذاکره کننده ایرانی خواستار توقف موقت گفتگوهای هسته ای به مناسبت "شب های قدر" شده است. گوینده اخبار تلویزیون ایران، مشخص نکرده که درخواست تیم ایرانی، توقف مذاکرات در هر سه شب قدر است یا خیر...
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    Transfers to Europe

    Please update the news here, I hope we get a handful of good transfers: Davari to grasshoppers, can go either way Hajsafi to Hull city Pooladi to Southhampton Saman Aghazamani to Belgium Haghighi staying in Portugal Azmoun staying with Kazan Dejaga ? Gucci ? JB staying in the Dutch league...
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    Ok, final count down! What is your prediction of tomorrow's games?

    Don't be a chicken and don't hide behind ands, ifs, and buts! I say: Argentina 3- Nigeria 1, Messi 2 goals Iran 2 - BH 1
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    should CQ leave?

    I say yes. IFF managed to ruin the relationship at the wrongest time, and CQ is obviously too expensive for our corrupted economy where 3000 billion toomans is just peanuts.
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    Is Lalas the most retarded football commentator ever?

    Really? He is only short of a baseball cap and chewing gum! Don't tell me ESPN can not find anyone whose IQ is more than his shoe size to comment on the game!
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    Iran-Nigeria prediction

    Ok, time to stop conservative philosophical talk. What is your prediction? cough it up! mine is: Iran 2-1
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    SOS! Members in NYC

    Anyone knows of a kallehpazi in NYC? Any recommendation greatly appreciated
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    hahahha, he is by far the funniest Iranian
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    LOL, way to go Europe!

    دو شرکت حمل و نقل، یک شرکت تجهیزات و الکترونیک و هفت شخصیت حقیقی از تحریم***های پیشین معاف شده***اند. محمد جهرمی، مدیرعامل بانک صادرات ایران و محمودرضاخاوری، مدیرعامل پیشین بانک ملی ایران که به دست داشتن در فساد مالی متهم شده بود، از جمله چهره***هایی هستند که از دایره تحریم***های اتحادیه اروپا...
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    Sevilla 11-1 vs. Barca 11+1

    2-3 Really, I mean really? And then you guys say IPL is corrupt?
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    Great info to scan through some data is a couple of years old but nonetheless some great info. I wish I knew who put this together and whether there was a political bias or not.
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    یعنی الان 20 دقیقه مانده به امام صادق؟ (يا 40 تا &am

    یعنی الان 20 دقیقه مانده به امام صادق؟ (يا 40 تا از باقر گذشته!!)
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    Are Assad's days numbered?

    Looks like his end as a leader is pretty close. After him, hezbollah won't be able to sustain its logistical needs anymore. It won't take more than 6 months before they degenerate into something of much less significance. At that point they will be eliminated or more likely bought by some...
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    British of Iranian- Sorry, the title aborted. The guy is British and 1/2 Iranian, used to train with Chelsea youth, but now switched to T&F, became the faster British junior ever, and took...
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    watch this movie, it is nice
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    مزاحم تلفنی-فرهاد جان!

    It is funny
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    Not bad at all!

    Bahrain is unofficially out, Saudis and Korea can be out too, and Japan is beatable. The prosects has not been as good for several years.