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    IRAN Women National Team [2020 AFC Women Olympic Qualifying Tournament]

    We interrupt the regularly programmed fahhashi to bring you this news: Iran 0- Philippines 2 Now let the fahhashi continue.
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    Iran Women's U-20 Soccer team looking for recruits

    This post is for the few normal people left on this site. Copied from another site. Please spread it around. ==================================================================================== Iranian female's U20 coach is looking for dual nationals to play for U20. This is their chance to...
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    Trump Phenomenon

    I wonder what do members outside of US think about what is going on in US politics these days? Is there a lot of coverage of Trump? What does the general public in different countries think?
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there. And those who are not, may you find the joys of fatherhood in the near future........ edit: sorry should have put it in the other Forum.
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    Women's WC

    An absolutely terrific and exciting game between Sweden and Nigeria.
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    A story

    I was recently reminded of a story from my childhood and though some of you might enjoy it. Please note that this is a true story. Any resemblance to anyone in Iran or outside is coincidental. In the off chance, that someone has heard this story from others, please do not ruin the ending...
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    To Oghabalborz, Kasra, and others

    Dear Mr. Oghabalborz, Kasra, and others: On behalf of myself and many of my friends who read this site, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all your contributions to this site. Your knowledge of Iranian Football and its history is truly exceptional. One of the two reasons I...