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  1. masoudA

    Hello ISP - Long Time....

    Have not been reading the posts here, so I have no idea what the average ISP member feels about what is going on around us in the world. Hence this post - just gauging where we are as Iranians, Immigrants,...…… Here are some questions: 1- Other than the regular professional posters - Are there...
  2. masoudA

    Operation Avalanche !!

    That is how Italy was freed from the fascists. I think Iran is headed that way.
  3. masoudA


    When I attended college here in USA in mid 1970's, one of the aspects of university life that quickly stood out was the fraternities. Just like me, most Iranians at our school quickly rejected the whole concept. as soon as we found out about the fraternity initiation process. It was not...
  4. masoudA

    Impacts of Sanctions on Khamenei

    Best way to get a grip is to take a look at the “Organizational Chart” for “Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO), ستاد اجرایی فرمان امام‎ (EIKO)” – pay special attention to the international division! Pretty soon we will be exposed to many broken hearts in USA and Europe, who had incomes...
  5. masoudA

    Dear Donald !

    Great job on Iran! so far so good. Take care of the people and don't give your ears to the Saudis! as I know you won't - too bad CNN never covered your stance with the Saudis before the election. Also, do not gauge what people inside Iran want, to what you expect Iranians should do outside...
  6. masoudA

    When will there be a change in Iran?

    Won't happen as long as people are waiting for the needy and hungry to lose their minds and revolt. Won't happen as long as the professionals and the well-off sit out! Will happen when people truly decide they can't co-exist under a bunch of deplorable, corrupt, ruthless bastards. Looking...
  7. masoudA

    Where to watch the games in US?

    Shabakeh Varzesh is now blocked! I watched the AFC games on HAHA but now they are blocked?
  8. masoudA


    Have not been following his progress in the last couple of years - but when I saw him last I thought he could bring a lot of skill and control to our midfield. He is on the roster, so why not give him a shot? We direly missed an Ali Karimi type midfielder today - someone with ball control and...
  9. masoudA

    Shame on You CBS!

    Shame on you CBS! They just totally ruined "60 Minutes", the very last stance of half decent investigative journalism in American TV. Shame on you for selling out human rights to Saudi Arabia, the very first nation that opposed the articles of Human Rights when they were introduced in 1948...
  10. masoudA

    What should be the role of NIAC during the pro democracy protests in Iran?

    What should we (Iranian/Americans) do if NIAC pushes the Americans to stay out of Iranian internal affairs, as they did during the Green Movement? PS - I know the answers.....just making a point!
  11. masoudA

    State of our Football

    I see a great future. I see our football make a couple of more adjustments and make it into the world top 10 - just like our volleyball did. The current trend is going just takes another decade or so until a couple of more pieces fall into place. Watching our U17 play Germany...
  12. masoudA

    Damn Fascist !!

    In case you forgot.......especially those who get Jav-Gir easily.
  13. masoudA

    Iranian Renaissance Great Job Agha Reza Jorjani - Finally a visionary on the ongoing Persian Renaissance. Westerner interested in a stable and peaceful Middle East must listen to what Mr. Jorjani is saying and understand the spread of Mithraism influence reaches way beyond Iran.
  14. masoudA

    Iranian Forces freed Fallujah

    Iranian Forces freed Fallujah Today In these days of all talk, and the world’s dazed inaction againstthe true enemy of humanity, ISIS and the rest of Khalif seeking evil in theMiddle East, it is good to see a "population" taking real action against somethingthat must have been dealt with long...
  15. masoudA

    Let's Hope it is the Case !

    First of all - there is not much good that can come for Iranian people when our soldiers enter Syria to fight ISIS on the ground.....but as we all know they did. Couple of days ago a new campaign of IR troops were deployed to Syria. US authorities are calling it an alliance between Russia and...
  16. masoudA

    #1 State sponsor of terrorism...

    Who is the #1 State sponsor of Terrorism in the world? It has always been Saudi Arabia.......but as an American, I am shamed to say with Obama policies resulting in the surge of ISIS, Uncle Sam is not looking very good!! As an Iranian, of-course IR is grossly guilty - but looking at what...
  17. masoudA


    Shame on you if you are not on board.....with American version of Ghoseh/Blues. Get it - Even the Dutch got it!!
  18. masoudA


    This is just fantastic!! on so many fronts.....
  19. masoudA

    Certain Unalienable Rights!

    A very interesting debatejust started within the American political circles; Is the following statement in the USDeclaration of Independence referring to “Certain Unalienable Rights”, whichaccording of the document comes from “The Creator” and “The Laws of Nature”,actually true. Id it...
  20. masoudA

    Al Mustafa International University

    The other day I came across a Hassan Daei inetrview I found very interesting. It started with Hojat ol Eslam DiPalma (lol), a blond Italian Talabeh which has recently graduated from the Al Mustafa International University in Iran!! I found the whole Daei inetrview very interesting and his...