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  1. Abedzaadeh

    September 26th News/Discussions

    برای اطلاآت دریافت یارانها لطفآ به سایت زیر مراجعه فرمایید
  2. Abedzaadeh

    Regime and Ghasem-Sholeh saadi

    Something doesnt add up. He seems to live in Iran and during the past year has spoken to BBC persian and VOA; always been very radical. Now he has travelled to Paris and today on Tasfir khabar he was blasting Moussavi/Karroubi for being too inactive. Many people are in jail for saying lesser...
  3. Abedzaadeh

    Ahmadinejad interview with Channel 4

    I also posted it on the daily thread...after calming down I thought maybe it should have a separate thread,
  4. Abedzaadeh

    Iran puts aside $20m to expose West of Human Rights Abuses

    I think we should chip in and help our fellow parliamentarians in their humanitarian cause
  5. Abedzaadeh

    A letter from a war veteran to Dr Ruholamini

    نامه یکی از فرماندهان سابق جنگ به دکتر روح الامینی؛ عقلت را از دست داده ای یکی از فرماندهان سابق جنگ خیلی وقت پیش این نامه را برای شما نوشتم و به دوستی دادم تا در اینترنت چاپش کند ولی نمی دانم چرا چاپ نشد. فعلاً که به او دسترسی ندارم تا بفهمم چاپ شد یا نشد ولی فکر نکنم چاپ شده باشد. اما...
  6. Abedzaadeh

    How should Reformist MPs act?

    1) To reject outright all of AN's nominations. ie. they do not recognize AN as the president 2) Give the impression in Parliament that they will consider the nominations and perhaps vote yes for the ministers that are likely to be approved anyway and vote no for the ones that are in the...
  7. Abedzaadeh

    AN supporter on BBC trying to create credibility for himself! AMIR, 28, Architect, Tehran "Before the poll I ridiculed Mr Ahmadinejad, but after the election I demonstrated in support of the government. This is because I see the protesters as a minority group who are backed by...
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    Click on this link to bring down Fars news web site.

    Dont know if these things wrok but worth a try. Just go to this link and leave your computers on:
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    Marja taghlids?

    Does anyone know how many of them there are and their positions in respect to the current events?
  10. Abedzaadeh

    Irans Tragic Joke NEW YORK — Allow me to quote the British novelist Martin Amis, writing about Persia in The Guardian: “Iran is one of the most venerable civilizations on earth: it makes China look like an adolescent, and America look like a...
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    Audio file on basij discussing tactics
  12. Abedzaadeh

    Writing on eskenas!!

    Another way of mobarezeh I just heard people are doing is writing anti-government slogans on money notes. I think its a good idea and there isnt much they can do about it, or will make life difficult. Had you guys heards of this?
  13. Abedzaadeh

    Letter from Shojaedin Shafa to Ali Khamenei

    Very much to the point.
  14. Abedzaadeh

    Makhmalbaf speech at European Parliament

    Whilst I fundamentally agree with what he said but I think he was heavy handed and went too far and may make it difficult for important figures (clergy/parliament etc) to take Mousavi's side. Part 1: YouTube - Mohsen MAKHMALBAF European parliament 8 july part 1/3 Part 2: YouTube -...
  15. Abedzaadeh

    Az koja beh koja residim!

    از کجا به کجا رسیدیم نماز جمعه نرفته بودیم که رفتیم به خطبه های آقا با دقت گوش نداده بودیم و هیس هیس نکرده بودیم که دادیم و کردیم سر پشت بوم الله اکبر نگفته بودیم که گفتیم توی قرآن و احادیث دنبال فکت نگشته بودیم که گشتیم در مراسم سالگرد شهدای هفتم تیر شرکت نکرده بودیم که کردیم از...
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    AN's master predictions!

    YouTube - ‫نود سیاسی ،پیشگویی‬‎
  17. Abedzaadeh

    Mousavi and the masses

    YouTube - Mousavi and the Masses - 3 July 09 - Part 1 YouTube - Mousavi and the Masses - 3 July 09 - Part 2
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    Our delightful Press TV

    Please go to min 34.5 where they have a 10 min piece on Press TV where ashtar shows up (min 40) towards the end.
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    Is this the first sign of military rule.

    What position does Firouzabadi hold in order to comment on who Iran should and shouldnt negotiate with in regards to the Nuclear Case? Iran 'disqualifies' EU from talks Britain has denied allegations of involvement in the Iranian riots The EU is no longer qualified to take part in...