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  1. meyti

    Is this Keyrush or whatever his name?, Still TM coach??

    One word! Eftezaah! ( I wished I had farsi fonts here),,,, Agha if this guy is still our coach then khaak tu sar-e IFF e nahs e najess! I thought after losing to Argentina 1-0 in previous WC, a game which we should have won 3-0 easily, they surely get rid of this guy. he is a defensive idiot...
  2. meyti

    Question about (marhoum) TAKHTI

    Today, I heard a friend of mine saying the old story that the darbaar or Shah's relatives killed Takhti and said it was a suicide. I personally don't buy that. I have many reasons not to believe this but the main one being the propaganda by the Zionist/british idiots who invented the word...
  3. meyti

    couple of videos pp teh vs. eses khuz. And foolad ahvaz vs eses tehran(2-1 old)
  4. meyti

    Tarjomeh Farsi Freedman's Speech:

    I translated his speech of 1961 In words of (the real martyr) John F Kennedy who said..." Today we are victims of this vast international conspiracy..." well believe it or not we are and if you choose not to believe and be brainwashed by the media that is your problem. I m just here to say why...
  5. meyti

    Lenovo owners virus warning
  6. meyti

    Ali Daei's Birthday?

    I read some place that yesterday was Daei's birthday. If so, Happy Birthday Ali Daei... :D..and many many many +++++ more....(Jiiiiigar) :D ...and this article; به نقل از صفحه کانون هواداران پرسپولیس علی دايی برای ما ايرانی***ها يك نماد است در سطح جهانی، كسی است كه به اكثر مراسم***های...
  7. meyti

    R I P Demis !

    Demis Roussos the Greek singer/musician died yesterday :( Yadesh be kheyr... (sorry if some1 already posted this)
  8. meyti

    LOL @ this Puzzle:

    it's pretty easy to solve this but i found it funny: :D write your answer/comments;
  9. meyti

    Dam-e Abolghasem Haalat Garmm :)

    When I was little I used to read Haalat's poems. They were so funny but tonight for some reason I remembered one of his robaeis (quatrains) which I cannot exactly remember but went something like this: tazegi dar kenaare majlese shora mostarahi jadid gashteh bana ta shavad bar jahanian ma'loom...
  10. meyti

    21 Azar (Video):

    3-part video by Mehra Maleki PhD; (lol I wrote 12 of Azar at first :D I guess I went Persian in writing English lol ;) ut I edited the post) part 1:
  11. meyti

    Mysterious Circles in Jordan:

  12. meyti

    bad dream

    i had a bad dream... there was this square white box which was dropped from sky (i think by a chopper) on top of this school n before hitting the roof exploded n caused a lot of damage. they wanted to kill the maximum number of the kids n i guess they did kill some? but everything was so white...
  13. meyti

    iPhne 6 VS. Samsung?

    I have heard that iPhone 5 has an excellent still/video camera. In fact the built-in video cam is a super HD and shoots like 120 frame per sec.?! I was thinking maybe iPhone 6 is about the same. Anyway a 64 Gig iPhone6 S is going to cost me about 400 dollars with the contract which means it is a...
  14. meyti

    For the Oldtimers (and the young)!
  15. meyti

    WANTED: An Old Nouri Song

    I used to have a tape which had this old (Marhoum/Late)Mohammad Nouri's song but the tape is old, torn up and its no good any more. The thing is that it was recorded from Radio Iran way back and I dont even know the name of the song. I looked thru and played every M. Nouri album...
  16. meyti

    Perspolis Sack Ali Daei?(Farsi)

    علي دايي: به اين اخراج افتخار مي کنم علي دايي سرمربي سابق پرسپوليس اخراج خود از اين باشگاه را به پاي وزير ورزش و شخص حميدرضا سياسي نوشت. [علي دايي: به اين اخراج افتخار مي کنم] به گزارش "ورزش سه" دایی در گفت و گویی نه چندان تند و بی محابا به ورزشکاران اخطار داد که عده ای ثروتمند وارد ورزش...
  17. meyti

    Good Piece of Software

    I recommend CDE (computer desktop encyclopedia) to anyone who wants to learn technical terms. (or cheat on telephone job interviews) lol ;) I have been using it for years and I just ordered it online for $4.99 which is cheap enough. you can try it here and see if you like it...
  18. meyti

    Can We Upload .MP4 Files? Any Videos??

    Can we post home videos in here? If not , how can we post our own videos? I have this Cool taxi driver who does a good imitation of Iraj and Ahdie!? :o And then a cool guy doing an Ebbi song: :D I also have the guy doing Ferdosipour and Daei... lol The ebne abol buzzards closed my account on...
  19. meyti

    I Support Rick Perry (Gov. Rep. Tx)!

    I usually dislike politicians and their crooked ways of life but since the kiss-a** media and the zionist-own/operated government and their wet agents AKA cops/armed creatures have something against him then I must say he (Rick Perry) has done something right. (BTW Rick Perry is or was a...
  20. meyti

    Simin Behbahani Passed Away

    I read that a while ago. The family were notified. Her body is still at the hospital.(or was at the time I read the report). Havaye gande Tehran killed her... :(