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    British EU Referendum 23rd June Results - Brexit or Remain
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    Iranian making history in snooker... for being Iranian

    I realise it's been a while since I've last posted on here and apologies if this topic had been raised, but I've been following snooker (as you do) and noticed there's an Iranian competing at professional level. He is the first person from Iran to compete professionally. So here introducing...
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    Pierce Morgan gone

    Piers has issues in the UK to deal with. Yes, only 600,000 would watch his CNN programme, but having said that, there is a big phone hacking trial going on and his name is buzzing around in the courts. It is bound to make CNN a little nervous. They don't want to associate themselves with a...
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    Nelson Mandela Memorial: South Africa embarrassed by empty seats

    Surprised none of you shown Michelle Obama swapping seats with the President so no more flirting would happen! Oh those Danes....
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    Khamenei : Israel is a bastard regime

    I'm sure it's not the worst thing Khamenei has said about Israel...
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    Desert Dancer (2013 film)

    Is anyone aware of a new film coming out called Desert Dancer? It's apparently a true story about Afshin Ghaffarian, a dancer during the 2009 elections. Interesting concept, just wondered if any of you were aware of the film, or perhaps have more knowledge about Mr Ghaffarian...
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    Nobel Peace Prize 2013 goes to...

    Oh how I opened a can of worms here....!
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    Nobel Peace Prize 2013 goes to...

    I was slightly bewildered at Nobel Prize's choice for its peace award. I never heard of the OPCW until they won the award. It goes to show how much they're doing to eliminate chemical weapons. I'm happy of their intentions, however and their efforts so far, but they have such a long way to go...
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    Teymourian helping Iran break new boundaries: Andranik chats to ESPN

    Unfortunately, there is no film link to this but a really good piece here by ESPN. Teymourian helping Iran break new boundaries Posted by John Duerden GettyImagesAndranik Teymourian of Iran celebrates qualifying for the FIFA World...
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    rouhani's nbc interview..

    In Rouhani's defence, speaking Glaswegian is very difficult for a Scotsman to understand, let alone Americans.
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    Is Syria Obama's legacy and what he will be remembered by in future ?

    Obama, despite his policies, will only be remembered to the media as "the first black President". For most of his time in the White House, most of his colleagues in Congress have been Republican so in situations like Syria, he has to think like a Republican. The economy is in recovery, so US has...
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    Miley Cyrus VMA 2013

    I recently read an interview with Miley Cyrus in the Sunday Times where she spoke out about her life so far - the sex, the drugs, the rock 'n' roll. Fame can do the strangest things to people. People are surprised by Miley because of her supposed-angelic ways during her Disney days. Lady Gaga...
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    English Premier League* predictions **Insert here...**

    * When I say English Premier League, I actually mean 90% English and 10% Welsh. HA! Anyway, Saturday marks the new season and I'm pretty excited, not sure about you guys. This is a thread dedicated to your predictions for the forthcoming season - it will be an intriguing nine months, that's...
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    Rohani: The Zionist regime is a wound on the body of the Muslim world and needs to be removed!!!

    I think people are misinterpreting what Rouhani's saying. Israel has been a wound to many countries, not just places from the "Muslim World". UK is a "Christian State" believe it or not so Iran being part of the Muslim world doesn't mean much to anybody any more, even if the media wish it was...
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    Football Predictions

    For those who don't know, I have a blog (The JSPrice Perception). Now, I have another blog which is dedicated to my awful predictions which I love making! I have "launched" it today and the leagues I will predict concern the top four English divisions (with THREE Welsh teams between them (there...
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    Kate Middleton gives birth to a baby boy

    They named the kid George - a name only used within the British royal family and the first George born in Britain since 1999.
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    Kate Middleton gives birth to a baby boy

    Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) has given birth to the third heir to the throne. It is a boy. The name is unknown as yet but the British media has gone royal baby-bonkers about it all. There is no escaping it in the UK. Is the news big in Iran, or are you a bit like the Welsh and don't...
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    Is U.S. being unfairly criticized over spying..etc?

    It's no scandal NSA spy, however, it is a scandal when someone reveals they spy and the they want to give that person the death penalty.
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    Stereotype reaches a whole new level - video, exampling pure snobbery in Britain

    One of my guilty pleasures is snobbery. I love it when people are completely out of touch as you can have great debates such as this one. This was from ITV's This Morning programme and they're discussing children's names. You have to see it and be in awe!
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    Julia Gillard resigns as Australia's Prime Minister

    Australian politics is rarely discussed in the media - unless you're living in Australia, of course. However, yesterday, something unbelievable happened. Three months before the general elections, Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost the Labor leadership battle against her nemesis Kevin Rudd. He...