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  1. lordofmordor

    Brighton break transfer record by signing Iranian winger Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    This is exactly why Quiroz is an amazing coach for creating a team of players who loved each other and played together as a team. Lost and won together as a team. Otherwise, Iranians cant stand seeing the others around them being more talented and will try to bring them down. Maybe Iranian team...
  2. lordofmordor

    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    I dont think we can expect miracle to happen when the team does not get any top International friendlies. You cant expect Iran who had not played any top teams to come out and open their defense and go out on attack against Spain. And Football is a funny business. Once a goal gets scored early...
  3. lordofmordor

    Brighton break transfer record by signing Iranian winger Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Congrat to him. What a great news. Now, only if he can get top scorer in Premiere league how amazing will that be.
  4. lordofmordor

    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    It is funny if our player would not have missed that last shot on Portguese goal that he should have scored (same player having missed the header at the end with Spain too), Iran would have gone out top of the group . And conversations here would have been different. At the end of the day, Iran...
  5. lordofmordor

    Great article on world cup
  6. lordofmordor

    Pick the world cup winner

    Belgium Hazard, De Bryune,Lukaku, etc
  7. lordofmordor

    FIFA World Cup Group B: | IRAN vs SPAIN |Information, Updates & Live Reports| june 20th

    It does not bother me. He is getting results. The rest of it mentally trying to psych himself and his players.
  8. lordofmordor

    FIFA World Cup Group B: | IRAN vs SPAIN |Information, Updates & Live Reports| june 20th

    perfectly put! Very impressive game by Iran. We have seen Athletico Madrid play the same exact game many times against Barcelona. CQ put it s well yesterday when he said Iran had only 2 options to win or to learn from playing Spain. There was no loosing option for Iran. We will learn from it...
  9. lordofmordor

    Yaya - "I want to break the Guardiola myth"

    I am a big fan of Guardiola and like Toure too. We dont know what happened or etc so it is better to just let it go and not comment on it. As for Guardiola having an expensive team, he took over a team that had old players and others who were not playing great . He had to buy players and it...
  10. lordofmordor

    Wenger leaves Arsenal at the end of this season

    Wenger was a legend and his value will become clear when he leaves unless the club American partner owner spends more money. 17 times in the row got Arsenal into top 4 and Championship. At the end, the money spend by the other top ones was just too much for him to be able to get to top 4...
  11. lordofmordor

    Champions league 2017-18 | Road to Kiev (R)

    This is what happens when you just take great players you can buy paying most expensive for them and then throw them in hoping you can win. Guardiola on the other hand knows his style and goes after players that can play that and knows exactly who he wants. He goes after players like La porta...
  12. lordofmordor

    First time this is coming out after 27 years (How Khamenei became SL)

    There is a reason Khominie chose him as his president and later for whatever reason or whoever decision he became the leader. We all hate him but likely he was the most competent between all of them. Dont know about being Russian agent, I doubt that. Perhaps he was an efficient and known...
  13. lordofmordor

    First time this is coming out after 27 years (How Khamenei became SL)

    The nationalist back Khominie to get rid of Shah thinking he is weak and then can overtake him. Rafsanjani picked Khamanie and made him the leader thinking that would be his best way to continue his control and rule. Khamanie of course turned out to be smarter which Rafsanjani did not expect...
  14. lordofmordor

    Yazdi dead at 86

    Regardless of whether Shah was good or bad, but Yazdi being the first one to support Khominie and going to Paris, shows what a stupid ignorant and brainwashed by Muhamad from Saudi Arabia's Islam he was.
  15. lordofmordor

    Yazdi dead at 86

    He made many stupid mistakes and helping Khominie was one of them. Whether it was his Muslim brainwashing that he was incapable to get away from even having lived in the US or thinking anything to get rid of Shah, he was an idiot.
  16. lordofmordor

    Hoveida defending himself

    But why Hovida when there were many others far more crook. I think he was trying to please the Islamists, Hovidea being hated by the Islamists for being called Bahaie.
  17. lordofmordor

    Hoveida defending himself

    It is very upsetting. A good man he was and facing the garbage backward Islamists. Shah really felt for it when the Americans fooled him into leaving the country. Problem was so many people around him had other agendas and got paid off from other sources. He had put himself into an awful...
  18. lordofmordor

    LOL at the new nurse uniform in IR

    Reef Raaf garbage Akhoonds and their backward mentality. Another sign of Islam being a disease.
  19. lordofmordor

    US Election 2016: How are you voting? (American members)

    Funny how people who hate Islamic republic and them putting their nose into the people's social life have no problem voting for Trump. They dont consider that the supreme court judge Trump wants to put in place is no different than Islamic republic leaders. Trump might get to assign 3 judges...
  20. lordofmordor

    Question about (marhoum) TAKHTI

    Well put. Intellectual people like youself have the capacity to understand and think who does his death benefit. Killing him had zero benefit for Shah and would work to his disadvantage. Shah had many opponents that were 1000 times more threat. How come he did not kill them and the worst ones...