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  1. footballeirani

    Need for change?

    Hi All A while back the ISP community came together and chose a few members to moderate this site to make sure it was well kept. However, given how things stand today I think there is need for a new crew or ideas. Or at least a medium where we can express our feedback. Just the fact that many...
  2. footballeirani

    Here is why you should not do drugs.. No comment! :drunk:
  3. footballeirani

    Hilarious TV show in Iran

    Its called Shookhi Kardam. Here is one of their videos. I can not stop laughing. lol. Its amazing they are letting these shows on TV these days. Damanash ra az payash joda sazim...looool
  4. footballeirani

    Mashhad is back in IPL baby!

    Padide from Mashhad made it to the IPL today! The club is sponsored by Padide Shandiz construction company. They have resturants in Kish and Tehran and are working on building massive projects. \\ Speaking of Shandiz.... Congrats to...
  5. footballeirani

    Shah Engima...Iran is making an expensive movie on Shah

    Iran has been in the process of making a very expensive movie on Shah and the Pahlavi era for the past several years. I watched some of the trailers, have to say it seems very interesting. Hopefully it will backfire. :)
  6. footballeirani

    When you thought it could not get worse in Iran...We now have "Sabade Kala"

    Well shit is hitting the fan in Iran. Rouhani's government is distributing crappy food among the folks below the poverty line all over Tehran. People have to stand in line for hours for some berenje hendi and what I have posted below. Even more alarming is the government's inability to fund some...
  7. footballeirani

    Iranian referee found guilty of receiving bribe, suspended for 8 months! lol

    Today IFF finally released their findings on the Ghahremani case and announced that he has been suspended for 8 months after phone records and bank statements revealed he received 20 million toman from Rah Ahan last year. Daei was also warned for knowing about the bribing and not saying anything...
  8. footballeirani

    Nelson Mandela Memorial: South Africa embarrassed by empty seats

    Nelson Mandela memorial: empty seats embarrass South AfricaEmpty seats at national stadium are blamed on rain, an unpopular president in Jacob Zuma and his failure to declare a national holidayIt was supposed to be standing room only, but the memorial service held to honour the life of Nelson...
  9. footballeirani

    LOL in Iran...

    I always get a laugh at some of the ceremonies held in Iran for Ashura commemorating the bitch slapping that Hossein and his 72 men got in Karbala. I thought I would share this one though, only for the huge number of spectators involved... :1: Lets situate ourselves here...a major intersection...
  10. footballeirani

    Former AC Milan stars vs former Perspolis stars friendly in Azadi

    Looks like Perspolis and AC Milan have reached an agreement to hold a friendly in Iran in 2 weeks. Game will be a farewell for Bagheri, Mahdavikia, and Daei. Milan's squad will include their former stars, Maldini, Baresi, Boban, and Rossi. Parvin will coach the Perspolis squad. They need to...
  11. footballeirani

    Blatter says Iran can host some 2022 World Cup games

    He said that Iran and Abu Dhabi will be viable options to co host world cup game and he is open to the idea. Well still 9 years away maybe by then women will be allowed in stadiums and alcohol will be legal? lol
  12. footballeirani

    Rohani announces his cabinet, Picks Jannati's son to be the "Cultural" Minister

    Today Rohani was sworn in at the Majles and submitted his list of cabinet ministers to Iran's parliament. Among them are Ali Jannati who is Dinosor Jannati's son who will be heading Iran's cultural ministry! looool But to be fair Mr. Professor. Sir Ali Jannati has claimed that he does not...
  13. footballeirani

    The stupidity of Iran's inauguration ceremony

    Today Rohani officially was inaugurated as the next president of IR. Though the ceremony itself highlighted the stupidity and the undemocratic nature of this theocratic regime. The presidential order is handed out by Sardar Vahid (Khamenei's advisor and chief of staff) to AN so he could hand it...
  14. footballeirani

    What happened to General Badrei?

    I was looking back into the events of Bahman 1357 and never got a satisfying answer on what happened to General Badrei the head of Imperial Guards. He was not happy with the declaration of neutrality by the army and had long had plans in place to circumvent Bakhtiar and Gharebaghi to lead a coup...
  15. footballeirani

    Khamenei's racist remarks on Westerners and Europeans He forgot to take his medications that day and went on to say the following. Now there is your supreme leader of Iran. This has to be in the top 10 stupid things ever said by Khamenei. Maybe top 5. Islam discourages wife beating but Americans and...
  16. footballeirani

    What are your predictions on the upcoming elections in Iran?

    I know there is a thread on election news but I wanted to gague everyone's take on the coming election/selection in Iran? Who do you guys think will be the finalist and which assclown will end up being the president? So far and looking at the list of those who said they are running, I dont...
  17. footballeirani

    Safhe Akhar's interesting documentary clips

    I have watched Falahati's Safhe Akhar program on VOA and I think they are rather very interesting. He does segments on most of regime officials and other heavy players in Iran's contemporary history and some of them are pretty eye opening. I am sharing two or three of his videos here...
  18. footballeirani

    Darvish about to throw a perfect game

    Darvish, the Japanese Iranian pitcher for Texas is about to throw a perfect game. Such a feat is very rare. I may have jinxed him but he has to retire 6 more batters.. Alan nahsi 13 migiradesh!
  19. footballeirani

    AN: Mashaei is very very Bahari

    I do not know if AN has lost it but yesterday he presented Mashaei with a medal in culture and then went on to praise him. He pretty much went all in short of making out with Mashaei on stage. In his speech AN went on to talk about Mashaei, Bahar, Iran, Zartosht, va farhange Irani. Here is a...
  20. footballeirani

    Bright objects appear in the skies of countries across middle east...Iran takes responsibilit for it

    مردم بسیاری از مناطق کشور شب گذشته اشیایی نورانی را در آسمان مشاهده کردند. در این ارتباط تصاویر و فیلمهای متعددی نیز از سوی کاربران خبرآنلاین اترسال شد که برخی از باکیفیت ترین آنها منتشر شد. به دنبال این رخداد مشخص شد که رزمایش سراسری پدافند غیرعامل به منظور ارزیابی واحدهای پدافندی کشور شب...