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    August 8,9 News/Discussion

    heh...Source is Mehr news. So it's probably a lie. There is a no way in hell that turkey will give the money back. It is lost; but who'ss counting!?! Iran: Majlis to summon customs officials over report of $18.5b transfer TEHRAN, Aug. 7 (Mehr News Agency) -- Custom officials will be summoned...
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    چهلم شهدا

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    Another plane accident in Iran-(Mashhad)

    Sanctions has nothing to do w/ this. This is all to do w/ Islamic Republic incompetence. They can build fighter jets, as they claim, then why can't they build rail roads, trains, buses, and other way of transportation. Valiahd mojtaba has over 1 billion dollars in england, so I know they have...
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    Another Topolov Down!!

    "lack of funds for proper maintenance" Bull shit...Khamenei's bastard, valiahd mojtaba, has 1 Billion dollars in england.There is no shortage of money.
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    moshiri on parcham

    wow, I'm surprised you didn't know that. Shiro-khorshid has nothing to do w/ pahlavi, or monarchy or anything like that.
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    An Israeli attack on Iran may be imminent?

    Good. I hope they kill all the basijes and all the akhoonds akhoonds...fucking militia uses live ammunition on its own people doesn't deserves people's support.
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    Got to Have Revenge

    This is islam. It has always been like this. This vahshigari is okay with 1 billion moslems because they don't do anything to stop it.
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    Interview with a Basiji

    en Mehdi Moradani ajab kaleh khari hastish, enha hala halaha aadam nemishan va mesleh sag az arteshe america va israel mitarsan. zooreshoon be daaneshjo raseedeh.
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    Mojtaba Khamenei Takes Control

    haha, that's too funny. az Shah beh ghosaalash, az akhoonde haroomzaadeh beh tooleh sagesh. How is that not dictatorship? So shah's dictatorship was about 25+ years, and then 30 years of akhood dictatorship.....that's about 60+ years of dictatorship and more to go.
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    Islamic Republic Executes Kurdish Students

    Yet again another Graphic video from Iran. God bless Israel for standing up against Islam.
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    Saturday, July 4th Updates:

    This sagge taazi wants to be friend w/ USA. I think he knows that only the USA can help him survive. TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he wants to engage President Obama in...
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    Check this out, I bet if the soldier was a vahshi like Islamic basijis he would have shot her: Got bless Israel, they are more humanitarian then these Islamic thugs.
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    Picture of a student after basij crackdown - 18+

    By product of islam. Those basiji moslems know how to handle weak targets.
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    Basij 101

    basiji = vatan foorsh va aadam kosh. vahshi ke deene arab ra setaayesh mikonad va az Irani koshtan va aazaar daadan lezat mibarad.
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    The leader's Basij ID card

    We knew all along he is a khaaen. Now the card proves it. Too bad they are allowed to have guns and not the Iranians.
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    What goes through a bassidji's mind when he shoots someone in cold blood.

    Basijis have always been nothing but bunch of low life thugs. They are pure moslems. This is how they have always been and will be. I never cared for Israel before, but now got bless Israel for trying to eradicate these parasites.
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    We WE need to focus on the fate of those arrested Iranians wounded during protests are being seized at hospitals by members of an Islamic militia, an Amnesty International official told CNN. Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami says rioters in Iran will be "firmly" dealt with if they...
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    is it possible khamenie resign tonite ?

    In his Friday's babbling he told the basiji shit heads not show any merci against the protestants, which it is expected from a arab.
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    آغاز قتل زنجيره اي بعد از دهمين دوره انتخا&#15

    بنا بر خبر دريافتي ,چهارشنبه شب 3 تير در اقدامي شبيه به قتلهاي زنجيره اي دكتر خالقي و همسرش در منزل مسكونيشان در تهران توسط 5 نفر لباس شخصي به طرز مشكوكي به قتل رسيدند . در اين اقدام وحشيانه مقداري از لوازم با ارزش نيز به سرقت رفته است . دكتر خالقي رئيس پيشين شركت داروسازي داروپخش و يكي از...