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  1. Fole_Penalt

    Euro: the gift that keeps on giving.

    Long time ago, before the Euro blow up as it has now, I said here, and this is a direct quote, that, "Europeans will end up paying through the nose for the Euro." Under the best case scenario, that is a Europe that is financially fully integrated, the Euro is still a negative for the Europeans...
  2. Fole_Penalt

    Euro revisited

    When the financial crisis hit the US, as some here were singing the virtues of Europe and its economy over the US, I stated that Europe will end up paying through the nose for Euro. I did not know that it would be so soon. It will be much, much worse for Europe than it is today, before it is...
  3. Fole_Penalt

    Super golden age for oil is over

    We went through a period of super golden age for oil in terms of its price. I think it is over. This is for two reasons. First, massive amounts of supply is coming on. This is due to the sustained high price of oil for since 2006 motivating new exploration and facilitating new technology...
  4. Fole_Penalt

    Hillary Clinton most popular national political figure: new poll

    Saw this on yahoo and thought I post and comment on it. Count me among the 1/3 who think that Clinton would have been a better President. It is not just that Obama is inept, and he most certainly is a clueless inept person, it is also that Hillary has proven to be truly capable. In fact, I am...
  5. Fole_Penalt

    When the US is no longer the world leader

    The recent European crisis is glimpses of what the world will be like when the US is no longer the world leader. In general the world is worse off. And some places that have been chief beneficiaries of the US leadership, in particular Europe, will be much, much worse off. Up until now, every...
  6. Fole_Penalt

    Beyond the elections in the US

    Democrats lost their super majority and then some, Obama may very well be out the door in two years, and so on, but what really matters is that US has some major structural problems that the later it addresses the poorer it will become relative to the world. It is because of such structural...
  7. Fole_Penalt

    Four best teams meet in the quarters

    Instead of semifinal. Germany-Argentina, Brazil-Holland. The other side of the quarters are so much weaker in comparison.
  8. Fole_Penalt

    Worst World Cup so far

    Don't you think? Between the retarded Vuvuzelas, ridiculous ball, bad play, 0-0 and 1-1s, a host that is not prepared, does not know football, and is on the other side of the world for just about everyone, this has been the worst World Cup yet, thus far. The on bright spot has been fantastic...
  9. Fole_Penalt

    A good report on and by Masih Alinejad I recommend you listen to it. It is good to try to know those on the other side.
  10. Fole_Penalt

    A gift celebrating the anniversary of the death of Khomeini

  11. Fole_Penalt

    Freedom for Iran will change the world

    1979 revolution led the world in bringing three decades of fanatic Islamists, in marrying Islam-self-worship with militarism. If the people of Iran succeed in bringing about change for freedom, it will have a cascading effect throughout the world. This includes Russia and China let alone more...
  12. Fole_Penalt

    Roobahe Makkar

    Perhaps you have not seen this:
  13. Fole_Penalt

    pieces of the puzzle

    of what may have been going on behind the scene in this second coup. I think the reports of Khamenei having a terminal illness is likely true. If you listen carefully to all that has been said and the various actions it adds up. Khamenei himself said that he is a frail and a passing man...
  14. Fole_Penalt

    What was likely behind Obama's comments:

    There is increasing pressure by the US Israeli lobby that Obama backs away from supporting Mousavi. They love AN. ------------------- ' U.S. Jewish leaders deeply troubled by Obama' By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service There is growing concern among the...
  15. Fole_Penalt

    Listen: Still doubt about Sepah coup?

    Listen: This would be the second coup by the way. The first election was also fraudulent. It is just that this one is more obvious and is thus has to be against a wider group of people.
  16. Fole_Penalt


    Sepah is still the number one enemy of all Iranians. It is not the Mullahs, it is not Rafsanjani, it is not the Arabs, it is not Israel, it is not the US, etc, ..., it is Sepah. Until such time that Iranians realize this fact and unite together against the number 1 enemy they will not be able...
  17. Fole_Penalt

    Israeli lobby in the US

    Did you hear Dore Gold, the Israeli ambassador to the US, on CNN? In nearly every other sentence he was mentioning Iran. If asked where is the Israeli-Arab peace talks going, his response would be, Iran is the greatest threat to the US. IR, in particular Sepah camp, Khamenei are the dream of...
  18. Fole_Penalt

    Nowruzetaan Pirouz

    نوروز را به همگی دوستان شادباش ميگويم. از پروردگار سال شاد و پيروزی را بريتان، برای ما، برای ايرن آرزو دارم.
  19. Fole_Penalt

    Latest bailout

    The pathetic handling continues. Several more trillion dollars and still no transparency. You know why? Because they are favoring friends, family, and tribe. It is that simple. Private Public partnership with no transparency. Code for giving money to friends, family, and tribe. Will...
  20. Fole_Penalt

    Zob Ahan: the latest with mortgage industry?

    Zob Ahan jaan I would really appreciate any updates and thoughts you have on what you are seeing in the mortgage industry. Rates, type of loans you are mostly seeing, lending standards, your own thoughts. I thank you for your insight in advance.