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  1. Makaveli

    Take it easy, pussy!

    Is the name of a classic Indian music video. It's the best few minutes you'll spend all week.
  2. Makaveli

    Dejagah scored today against his old team, Hertha

    I'll post more pics later...
  3. Makaveli

    Was Iran a democracy under Mossadeq?

    I was having this debate with rugsnotbombs and it's an interesting one because he pointed out that nearly everyone agrees that it was. And he's right about that, at least the average person believes so. But a closer look at the constitution I think would tell a different story. Article 2 of...
  4. Makaveli

    Is Dr. Fouladvand dead?

    I heard his daughter come on tv yesterday and she was crying that a group that was pretending to want to collaberate with him on the Turkish border near Iran, was really from IR and they've captured him. If that's true than lord have mercy they're gonna tear apart every limb in his body and...
  5. Makaveli

    Help me understand the IR government..

    First of all, I think its safe to say that we have no IR fans here so please lets cut with the smartass comments. Thanks in advance. Now, I had this arguement with a friend who was trying to convince me that the IR government in a sense is a democracy although not a perfect one by any stretch...
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    I remember someone started a thread a while back with a list of sites where you could download free eBooks. I tried looking for the thread in a search but couldnt find it. So does anyone know of any of these free ebook sites? Id appreciate it
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    Clinton: We may need to confront Iran

    Clinton: We may need to confront Iran She said this today at a Jewish conference in New York. Your thoughts....
  8. Makaveli

    World Powers Consider Letting Iran Keep Part of Nuclear Program

    My personal opinion is we're going to see more of this. The US is going to concede more and more on this issue, and if nothing is done in the new few months then you can forget about anything happening or any attack on Iran after that. And then after that when a democrat most likely gets elected...
  9. Makaveli

    Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries

    anyone hear about this? after centuries the catholic church seems to have changed its mind saying that babies go to heaven instead of limbo -------------------------------------------------------------- Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -...
  10. Makaveli

    Edwards: 'Iran must know world won't back down'

    Edwards: 'Iran must know world won't back down' "In a speech at a conference in Herzliya, Israel, former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) took aim at Iran, warning that the "world won't back down." The 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, who recently launched a new presidential campaign, also...
  11. Makaveli

    Israel segregates buses

    Israel's 'modesty buses' draw fire By Katya Adler BBC News, Jerusalem The other day I was waiting for a bus in downtown Jerusalem. I was in the bustling orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Mea Sharim and the bus stop was extremely crowded. When the Number 40 bus arrived, the most curious thing...
  12. Makaveli

    and the biggest pussy of the year award goes to.....

    .....The British sailor Arthur Batchelor whos been going around telling the media that he "cried like a baby" and experienced "mental torment" after his Iranian captors referred to him as Mr. Bean "It was beyond terrifying" said Batchelor...
  13. Makaveli

    Khamenei dead? I dont know but Michael Ledeens a pretty respected neo-conservative. i dont think he'd risk his career to post BS news. several other news organizations have cited his source which is only from 2 hours ago. i dont know. we've heard that the mans...
  14. Makaveli

    I almost shed a tear today

    For the first time in a long time I watched that Karimi video toofan made a couple years ago, i got reminded of this rare talent we had in Ali Karimi. Then I saw the headlines in this and other sites that hes in the UAE today negotiating with Al-Ahli to return to them...
  15. Makaveli

    Best place to download movies

    the only place i know of is through torrent, which the best torrent site would probably be isoHunt. is there anywhere else where people download movies?
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    Nekunam in Top 30 best *USER VOTED* player in Europe your thoughts...
  17. Makaveli

    Iranian Students disrupt Iran president's speech "Death to dictator"

    Several dozen students call 'death to the dictator,' burn Ahmadinejad's photos in bid to disrupt his speech Monday Reuters Published: 12.11.06, 14:23 Dozens of Iranian students burned pictures of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and threw firecrackers in an effort to disrupt his speech at a...
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    Hertha Berlin vs. Werder Bremen will be live on GolTV

    Sat Dec 02 06:25AM Pacific Sat Dec 02 07:25AM Mountain Sat Dec 02 08:25AM Central Sat Dec 02 09:25AM Eastern Length: 2 hr 5 min LIVE GolTV (US) German Bundesliga Werder Bremen vs Hertha Berlin
  19. Makaveli

    All threads Re: Dejagah - Please use this thread

    well just look at his highly criticized tattoos. one says Ashkan in Farsi, and the other says Teheran, the city of his birth. and heres the clips of his shot and his goal he sored yesterday:
  20. Makaveli

    computer help

    on my main computer (im on the laptop now), every time i turn it on it goes to the 2nd screen and it stops. the only options i have to do anything is in that first screen where it says press delete to enter set up and f9 for express recovery, and i have no idea what to do in those please help