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  1. alireza prince

    Iran Vs Czech Republic Vollyball

    Does anyone knows any streaming site that shows the game today??
  2. alireza prince

    any sites I can watch olympic ceremony Live?

    hey guys which site shows Olympic Ceremony live?
  3. alireza prince

    The first Iranian in CFL.. BC lions

    This is the first time an Iranian play in this league.. His name is HAMID MAHMOUDI. he got Drafted and right now he is in training camp with BC LIONS in Surrey, BC there was a big challenge between Montreal Alouettes and BC LIONS to get to sign him as I heard he will be a big player in couple...
  4. alireza prince

    Driving from Vancouver to Banf

    hello guys... where can I take my family friend from Iran.. we have been to whistler, harison hot spring....Next I am thinking Banf I've been to Banf(drove), so I know it is a nice place....but i have never drove there on winter time...I know it is winter time. any1 knows if it is Driveble...
  5. alireza prince

    Need Help...Legal advise

    my father worked for 7-eleven for nearly 3 years...then he took vacation, when he came back from Vacation..the day he was back...he was told take 4500.00 + sign the relees form...they told him since we giving you a sevrance pay...we don't have to give you reason...and nice working with you.. as...
  6. alireza prince

    I'm traveling to Mexico..(inclusive vacation Package)...Do I need a Visa?

    I am traveling to mexico...Already bought the ticket but I have a perminenet resident card..I am not a canadian ctizen... Do i need a visa to enter the country?(mexico) the treavel agent was a stupid one ..and said.. no you don't need one...but look like he did not know what his taking...
  7. alireza prince

    Translation please..

  8. alireza prince

    ..loooool..Small Saeed mohamadi...So Very Cute.

    3years old persian boy...So Cute this 3 years old could be A the whole thing _rBdpJTmqwU
  9. alireza prince

    New singer MAHNAZ video

  10. alireza prince

    Who really deserve #10 Jerssy for Team-mali??

    I would say..we should have waited and cancel #10 jerssy for AC...until ferther notice until we find some one to earn it...and then with special ceremony give it from Daei to that special person... I like khatabi very much and i would pick him for our top 23 players...but I won't put him in...
  11. alireza prince

    Qatar need to beat UAE 2-0 to advance

    Just to prove to you These arabs do TABANI .... Qatar need a 2-0 win over UAE to guarantee advance to 2nd round.. and you will see... they will win by 2 goals.. so i say..2-0 or 3-1 or 4-2... the Odds are 1.53 for Qatar...and I did Bet On it $65.00 for a single game...
  12. alireza prince

    تعارف* را کنار بگذاریم... ما با تيم*ملى* چين* خر&#15

    تعارف* را کنار بگذاريم* .... ما با تيم*ملى* چين* خرده*حساب*هايى* داريم* امروز فرصت* مناسبى* است* تاحساب آن 1994 * را در مالزی صاف* کنيم
  13. alireza prince

    Watch Qatar TV NOW...about AFC CUP..

    It is funny.. these Arabian around persian Gulf..Offially SAY IT...they are going to back eachother up... Already UAE Spoke person said to Qatar TV That since we are not going to go to second round we will help Qatar team to go through to 2nd round.. this is exactly his WORD... So what do...
  14. alireza prince

    16 countrys..6 of them ARAB, and non yet to WIN

    we have 6 arab countrys(in asian GAmes), and yet one of them to win a game..... GO ARABOO GO
  15. alireza prince

    IRAN Beat JAPAN ... FIVB

    ____________________________________________________________________ Iran beat japan 3-1
  16. alireza prince

    Do you think Can a great goalie Buy you Championship?

    I will say yes ... after abedzadeh we did not have any good goalies...not even close to good. no matter howmuch goals you score, or good of a game you can't go to next round by conceiving goals. I hope we win the cup...but i am doubtful every team is able to score goal on us...even...
  17. alireza prince

    بررسي گروه سه: ايران، چين، مالزي، ازبكستا&#160

    تيم*هاي جام چهاردهم - تهران - چين در حالي قدم به عرصه چهاردهمين دوره رقابتهاي جام ملتهاي آسيا مي گذارد كه سرمربي اين تيم "ژو گوانگهو" در يك قدمي اخراج است و بشدت نياز دارد از پرتگاه سقوط آزاد فاصله گرفته و نتايج تحقيرآميز اخير را جبران كند. به گزارش خبرگزاري فرانسه از پكن، چين در حالي به...
  18. alireza prince

    Jamaican TV comment about Iran's game....(we should learn)

    تهران خبرنگار شبكه تلويزيوني تيتان اسپورتس (‪ ( TITAN SPORTS‬جاماييكا گفت : شكست سنگين اين تيم مقابل تيم ملي ايران طبيعي بود. تيم ملي فوتبال جاماييكا دوشنبه شب درديداري دوستانه با نتيجه سنگين ‪۸‬ بر يك مقابل تيم ملي فوتبال ايران تن به شكست داد. ماين دكسينگ ( ‪ ( Main Dexing‬در حاشيه ديدار...
  19. alireza prince

    AFC did not mention Iran Vs GHana Nor Jamaica

    it is Ironic to see AFC did not mention anything about Iran friendly games againts GHana and jamaica... Is it one of those arab bazi??
  20. alireza prince

    Look at this..>> Before & After <<

    ....................Before.........................................After Jocelyn Wildenstein is the world's scariest celebrity. She's not really even a celebrity, just the jilted wife of a really rich guy; after seeing her photos it is easy to figure out why her husband dumped her...