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  1. oghabealborz

    Banks of England the legendary goalkeeper rest in peace

    My childhood hero goalie passed away. Rest in peace.
  2. oghabealborz

    Iraj Danayeefar ...🙏 Rest in peace ..

    Very sad to hear today Iraj Danayeefar passed away. Such a fine player and gentleman and scorer of Iran first ever goal in world cup. Deepest condolences to his family and friends and his Taj and team melli fans.
  3. oghabealborz

    Iran wolrd karate kumite champions 2018 Madrid

    Tremendous victory in final against Turkey in Madrid 2018 world championships . Iranian team displaying great spirit ,technique and sportsmanship . Watch this exciting final ,highly recommended !
  4. oghabealborz

    Military exemption for athletes

    Military authorities announced that military service for athletes will be exempted until the age of 30. Good news for team melli players and Carlos Q! 😍
  5. oghabealborz

    Hooshmand ! where are you wise man ?!

    Are you still in Penny lane ? ! come on down from Liverpool to Persian lane ! and give us your hands ,got the big one on Monday mate !;) Persian lane is in my heart and in my soul !!:D
  6. oghabealborz

    Hey Nike ! We just did it ..without you !

    We did it you morons... Without you losers. Nike e naakes.
  7. oghabealborz

    Omid Ebrahimi ...a Leopard from Mazandaran

    What a fantastic display of spirit and technical and physical ability by Omid ,really pleased with him ,he is a real warrior who didn't put a foot wrong and won every battle in the field . They all played well but he was something else and a real blessing for us in the middle of the field ,he...
  8. oghabealborz

    Koobideh 1 koskos 0 !!

    We just proved koobideh is much tastier than koskos …...our koobideh in their koskos … a bit late but timely …!:love:
  9. oghabealborz

    Chelsea and united legend dies

    Former Chelsea and United and England legend Ray Wilkins passed away at the age of 61 ,rest in peace . He played over 80 times for England and will be sadly missed . He was such a good player and when he was at Chelsea with a head full of hair he was a such a handsome young man and very popular...
  10. oghabealborz

    Manouchehr Boroomand passed away

    Former Asian weight lifting champion and record holder Manouchehr Boroomand passed away after a long illness, rest in peace.
  11. oghabealborz

    R.I.P Ebrahim Ashtiyani

    I just got the sad news that former Perspolis and Team melli player Ebrahim Ashtiyani passed away . he was a tremendous player for team melli and Perspolis ,so sad to lose him on the eve of derby where he always shined as a player a right winger /back his name is alongside Hassan Nazari...
  12. oghabealborz

    Alireza Dabir in a fight with Abbas Jadidi !

    I read that these two had a fight and physically got themselves involved despite the difference in size ,both members of city council ,anyone know more of what happened can share it with us ,knowing what Jadidi is like I am in favour of Dabir to be in the right .
  13. oghabealborz

    Your favourite Samad clip !

    Most of us grew up watching and laughing with Samad movies and those who didn't watched the movies later , I was watching one last night and was thinking the guy was a genius with his humor and thought what is everyones favourite clip or moment from his films ... The one that come to my mind...
  14. oghabealborz

    Iran karate team won the world kumite championship

    Iran beat the country who invented karate and won the world championships in Austria beating japan in the final . Overall with the individual and team kata and kumite Iran finished third ,tremendous achievement by the team .
  15. oghabealborz

    G.G Buffon the Italian Eagle !

    I watched their game against Milan and was so impressed by him again ,he was so impressive with his two double saves ,a goal assist and his tremendous attitude ,they won the game because of him . Lucky Italians and juventus fans ,he is as good as it gets ,the real deal . the Italian Nasser !:)
  16. oghabealborz

    Dear Babr ,please post some info about the our game with India today ,WE need you !

    Mahbod aziz who kept us all up to date with news about football has been quite in the last few days ,please come back and post about today's game , we need you here dude ,,,:) Here is a eydi just for you ...bebin maaro be che roozi andakhti ! Eydi from seyed Mehdi !! he is praying you come back !
  17. oghabealborz

    Farewell Atta Behmanesh in peace and God bless

    I just heard the sad news he has left this earth ,he lived to a grand age and it is a cause to celebrate his fruitful life ,bringing excitement and joy to millions of listeners and viewers on radio and TV . An athlete who became a broadcaster and expertly commentate on wrestling and football...
  18. oghabealborz

    Hassan Roshan or Ali Karimi ?

    If you have gone past your centenary you may remember what a gem Hassan Roshan was ,but what was he like comparing to Ali Karimi ? Both such skillful players on the ball but born in different era , if you have seen them both which one would you pick on your side ,which one was more influential...
  19. oghabealborz

    Reza cha cha passed away ...

    Today I heard Reza cha cha passed away . Rest in peace and God bless him .... He was with team melli around the time of world cup 78 and raised the spirits of the players by entertaining them and making them laugh . I suggest Ahvazis name a stand in their stadium after him , Reza cha cha stand...
  20. oghabealborz

    Jose gone ....

    Jose has been fired , it was predictable after losing on Monday to Leicester . Who's taking over ? :12: