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    Sherwin [TeamMeli] random posts

    I don't know if you guys have played this international game or not but hey you should try Conflict Of Nations if you like military strategy building games. What is intersting is the Russian players only want to be and care about USA, the American players want to only be Russia. I guess you...
  2. TeamMeli

    Technology Thread

    Guys I have worked with my dad in UAE I was in Abu Dabi and Dubai and let me tell you something, they will make great advancements and be successful in their mars mission why? It is simple they are getting American and European engineers and paying you well. My dad and I were making 50% MORE...
  3. TeamMeli

    Hello ISP - Long Time....

    BT- YES YES AND YES and BLM causes racial division in my country between us whites and blacks. The party(DEM) uses the BLM to push their agenda. Masoud welcome back and 1- Yes there are members everything can be refomred but like BT said will it be for the good or bd Good call and welcome.
  4. TeamMeli

    Rezvani Tank revealed with 500 horsepower

    So @Iran-Esteghlal-Inter @Arash_Tombangir Is the guy Irooni and where do they manunfacture. BTW Notice on the reverse engine Lambo- what media entity covered it, RT Russian Television. No US or foreign media outlets so once again Russian media can spread the word on Iranian accomplishments in...
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    2019–20 NHL season

    Dammm I didn't even KNOW they had an Iranian women's ice hockey league in Iran that is good though. The Vegas odds to win the Stanley Cup, since I am in Vegas- well assuming there will be one. Bruins: +650 Lightning: +650 Avalanche: +800 Golden Knights: +800 Capitals: +900 Flyers : +1000...
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    Man City capitalism exposed

    Like what if this happened to a team like Watford, Norwich City or Aston Villa, do you guys think the decision would have been reversed like it was for Man City? I'm going to lean to no they would have had the book thrown at them, who cares about being banned from UEFA- CL for those tems because...
  7. TeamMeli

    Man City capitalism exposed

    Money talks but this article states MAN CITY WILL NOT BE BANNED for two years in UEFA CL. Money talks they are one of the top 10 riches clubs, haven't seen the latest ranking but I would bet they are worst case top 15, According to this article- NO BAN The Premier League club challenged UEFA's...
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    Just got out of E.R but komrade bear is ok

    Ok Dude it was a mistake obviously it doesn't take 39 units to get a degree. it takes 63 there are some prerequisite courses. i don't know if any master's program that you can a degree- with 39 units. Relax DETECTIVE Doosh
  9. TeamMeli

    Just got out of E.R but komrade bear is ok

    Hey genius Einstein- that is not for all of my classes that is just for the semester keyboard warrior fake tough guy. Blocked I have shown documents be it my military DD 214 my gracie BJJ blue blet, when otehrs questiond. If you want to be a gaping DBAG then don't comment or respond to me. You...
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    Just got out of E.R but komrade bear is ok

    Dude really? do you think i doctored my trascript- I have taken classes for 2 years now keyboard warrior-if you look it shows the units for my semester 15 and 63 is what I need to graduate. Jealous you can't get grades like that bro?
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    Concert Hall thread

    I lived in 3200 sqft homes and even then, you can get a baby but not a grand. My next home has to be 50% bigger so 2500+1200= 3700. I am looking at 4000-5000 sqft in good areas of Vegas so I can fit that Steinway 6'1- Now that will be 50k here is one on ebay for a model B 1912 52,000 But...
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    Concert Hall thread

    @Iran-Esteghlal-Inter 1- My girl mentioned the fan and but I don't live in an apartment, I live in a 2 story 2500 sqft 5 bedroom house. I can afford to put in a baby grand I have the room for it in my office. For my living room, I can have a standing upright or a yamaha. Btw Johnny Cash I...
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    Concert Hall thread

    @Iran-Esteghlal-Inter @Finally Ok two things 1- I need to turn off the fan next time and 2- I need a piano tuning but due to COVID iD 19 that is harder than normal times, to just call the piano tuner and have him come. Eventually, my goal is to get a nice Steinway baby grand, probably used and...
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    Concert Hall thread

    You don't mess with the Zohan! Ace of Base It's a Wonderful Life scene "Disco Disco, good good," When he is dancing like an idiot, in broad daylight, in New York City. Disco disco, good good Disco disco, good good
  15. TeamMeli

    Amazing Pics & Videos thread ..... Social , Political, Economic , etc ....

    So let me get this straight: you want to tear down the Columbus statue but you won't burn your $1, $20 or $100 bill. To recap history snowflakes, George Washington- White Slave owner Andrew Jackson $20 bill- White slave owner Benjamin Franklin $100 bill- White Slave Owner Christopher Columbia-...
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    Concert Hall thread

    @Finally @Iran-Esteghlal-Inter What do you guys think Eye of the Tiger-this is improv Rising up, back on the street Did my time, took my chances Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive So many times it happens too fast You change your passion for glory Don't...
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    Appreciate the good thing we have here

    Zob ahan jan and I am not going to poke jabs at PFDC to not upset pooya jan but I experienced something a bit similar, except it had nothing to do with the IR. They could not tolerate the fact that i was a navy vet but that is neither here or there. I let it go and every site has its political...
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    Concert Hall thread

    Better angle cleaner version We are the Army of the Country We are the Army of the People Мы Армия Страны Мы Армия Народа stoim my na postu povzvodno i porotno bessmertny kak ogon' spokoyny kak granit my - armiya strany my - armiya naroda velikiy podvig nash istoriya khranit ne zrya v sud'be...
  19. TeamMeli

    Trump is the president

    Pooya, I feel the same way you do, feel lucky born and raised in the USA, I can get temporary government posts. and Playboy not all 1st gen's in America and Canada are like that. There are dahati Irooni's, derevnia(villager-dahati) Russians and Germans too. Well let's hope Trump doesn't totally...
  20. TeamMeli

    Concert Hall thread

    That is amazing but not the 5th symphony i don't know which one is it I know it's not the 3rd that is Fur Elise I know it's not the 5th that is the one I showed you BA BA BA BAM I know it's not the 9th o de joy so that narrows it sown to 2, 4, 6 or 8 we mathematically have a 25% chance This is...