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  1. Ramtin

    Messina lose their Serie A spot

    According Gazzetta dello Sport Messina and Torino will not participate in this years Serie A campaign...
  2. Ramtin

    Yanagisawa joins Juve

    well just for the summer as Juve will travel to Japan and hongkong. Other players from the Messina squad that will be travelling with JUVE are: Zanchi and Aronica who both are 50% owned by JUVE. The player that will most likely have a reason to use this opportunity will be Parisi who can see...
  3. Ramtin

    ppl. living in Sweden, check this out! :o

    21:00 Asiens VM-kval från Manama, Bahrein Bahrain - Iran @ Eurosport! But the time is :confused: for being LIVE!
  4. Ramtin

    Computer Hardware Problems (Help)!

    Hello guys, The other day I read a thread in a forum saying that some m.boards do not support UDMA modes > 2 on the second channel. That you can tell by looking at the color of the 2nd IDE Socket, if not blue then that's the case. My m.board MSI-845PE Max2-FIR has a Blue IDE1 Socket and a...