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  1. ChaharMahal

    Olympics Postponed to possibly 2021 Summer

    You have to feel it for all the athletes who worked hard for years.
  2. ChaharMahal

    Tom Brady out of New England

    9 time Superbowl Contender has decided to leave NE. They did not negotiate for new deal.
  3. ChaharMahal

    تبلیغ قدیمی خاور در آلمان

    Turning on those Auto English Translated subtitles is pretty good. interesting how in iran the Dump truck and variant became so popular Old Iranian National Bus on Romanian Roads. Apparently, back in Communist days Romanians could enjoy german buses via re-importing them from Iran.
  4. ChaharMahal

    The Infinite game

    Stuff you know explained in cohesive way by this guy! Leaders don't the game they are in.
  5. ChaharMahal

    China/India Talk Series

    my favorite past time is listening to professor types talking about geopolitics, in particular china and asia pacific. This thread is dedicated for sharing those talks.
  6. ChaharMahal

    bigwig establishment types interview

    Robert Gates (probably the best bureaucrat the U.S has seen for years) with Charlie Rose.
  7. ChaharMahal

    Farhad Koodakaneh song on IRIB Navad TV

    Fast Forward to Minute 57
  8. ChaharMahal

    احمدی روی اعصاب

    من گند نزدم. اما روحانی ردید
  9. ChaharMahal

    Tehran University, Professor of political science thinks Obama Care is Cash Subsidy handout program

    The sheer laziness of Iranian Academia at all levels is amazing. He thinks Obama care was a cash subsidy program not unlike the one that which Ahmadinejad implemented.
  10. ChaharMahal

    Hardwork of everyday people something we dont value

    I am totally guilty of this. tuning in to see what Warren Buffet or Mark Cuban or Elon musk, Bill gates .. has to say. Watching these videos one can not help but think of two things. 1.What worthless government Iran has that knows this is going on and still focuses on centralism and all sorts...
  11. ChaharMahal

    Ahavaz and Sistan Baloochestan undergoing dust storms and floods

    I noticed nobody is talking about this. I keep saying all of Iran is not Tehran,Esfahan,Tabriz,Shiraz. and I keep getting proven right. But nobody in Iranian domestic Media or abroad is really covering it. Two of largest provinces having massive issues. and the "Iranian intelligentsia" (not...
  12. ChaharMahal

    Honda finally introduces a small jet I like

    This one looks slightly better than those Cessna Turbofans. the range is still limited at 1500 km. but let's face it if I ever make 10 mil, I neither can afford G4 nor can I operate one. but something like the Honda jet with 4 person seating capacity seems ideal for just getting around the...
  13. ChaharMahal

    Rouhani and Crew using Microsoft Surface

    You can be sure intelligence services from various countries are busy turning that Camera and Mic on via a backdoor.
  14. ChaharMahal

    Amazon Prime Air

    so finally we are not talking about the Drone with 20 years from now. and Amazon is pushing its own fleet because they are not happy with what Mega Shippers are doing right now. It could be that PrimeAir will be where Amazon...
  15. ChaharMahal

    737 Max Near Vertical Take Off

    The 737Max or A320 Neo Full Throttle take offs can really be helpful for short runways that many small towns of iran feature. Reportedly, Iran did include an option for 737Max Imagine a plane landing in Khark Island's small airport. I have been...
  16. ChaharMahal

    Sy Hersh Zero Dark Thirty was total Rubish.

    Sy Hersh talks about his book Killing of Osama Bin Laden. He is either a very good fiction writer or the U.S came up with a brilliant cover story. According to him the entire story about Stealth helicopters, the Currier was a bunch of nonsense. go to minute 44:54s...
  17. ChaharMahal

    Is the iOs falling behind?

    Since the mrs uses iOs and I use Android. I am gradually getting frustrated with iOS. I am staring to notice that in non-U.S markets apple lack of organic search is becoming a real issue. Apple's entire strategy seems to be centered around Well to do place like North America and Europe. There...
  18. ChaharMahal

    Why are all Iranians always in Rush

    This woman is a total Moron. unfortunately on the Iranian roads something 80% of drivers have the exact same mentality. even truck drivers.
  19. ChaharMahal

    Distribution of Resources in Iran

    People keep going to Iran and most what they do is Visit Tehran, Shomal wherever that is, Esfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz and they think I know Iran. When you go to places like this you realize why people end of voting for people like Ahmadinejad out of frustration. Neither Reformists, Nor Rouhani...
  20. ChaharMahal

    What are Iran Chances in Olympics

    Iran had respectable performance in London. Will Iran come close to that ranking this year...