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  1. Niloufar

    Eight members of Iran’s women’s soccer team are men

    It wouldnt hurt to check the source, and whether its a fake news before spreading the wrong info. "", which no1 has heard before is relying on a made-up news in Breitbart news!! Iranian women NT team are not men in nature. Their names, family background, picture all indicate that.
  2. Niloufar

    A van strike pedestrians in Toronto

    It was so sad..Cant believe these pedestrian attacks happened in Toronto too. Its so safe here.. :( But there are flowes/candles everywhere in that area. And in every site that a person was killed, they've put a flower box in his/her memory in pedestrian area. Glad our Toronto members are...
  3. Niloufar

    Reza Shah's body may have been discovered today

    ^^ wow so cool, had no idea about fans' chants last weekend. Dude, our govt doesnt allow a live human being exit the country, if they dont like to. You think they'll send Reza Shah's body safely to USA? So glad that Reza Shah's body was found, but at the same time its sad that they've found...
  4. Niloufar

    Redesigning Iran Project

    lool, yeah yeah! Its as if Al Ain was a top dog team to beat by Esteghlal! ;)
  5. Niloufar

    Champions league 2017-18 | Road to Kiev (R)

    loool, taze pishbinit dare mireseh be pishbinie barax man! :D Tabrik!:))) Despite 3-0 win, throughout the game ref was so biased in favour of RM. So many fouls on Dybala and Ref was giving Dybala the yellow card! Not to mention the clear hand ball by Casemiro. but god that goal by Ronaldo. :O...
  6. Niloufar

    World Cup 2018: Adidas-Nike release official Kits

    The first one(Uruguay) is Adidas, and the remaining ones are Nike.
  7. Niloufar

    World Cup 2018: Adidas-Nike release official Kits

    Still waiting for Iran's Adidas shirts though. And according to 90 program, IFF will have to buy Adidas kits from Adidas!!lol Few days ago, Adidas and Nike released their official teams' kits. Some of the teams dont have their kits yet though. So what do u think of the designs? Here are...
  8. Niloufar

    TM Iran Information Thread

    akhey video Sale tahvileshoon che cute bood. Thanks Houman jan. :) Yeah Masoud is invited for the next 2 Friendly games thankfully. It was sad to see him punished bc of playing against an Israeli team in his club team.
  9. Niloufar

    Redesigning Iran Project

    yeah, and adding extra hole to it as well! :)) Great job as always Pendar jan. :) Btw, are u going to design new TM shirts for World Cup?I still have ur prev TM shirts from last WC, wt Gucci,etc name on it! Jahanbakhsh, Kaveh Rezaei ones would be great. :)
  10. Niloufar

    سال نو بر همگی مبارک .

    Norouz e hamegi mobarak. Sale kheili khoobi dashte bashin. :)
  11. Niloufar

    TM Iran Information Thread

    Such a great news..:) But just wondering, why did CQ agree to stay? TM fans' expectation will only increase, while we have the same crappy IFF management, facility and friendly games. He can def get better opportunities elsewhere after World Cup. I dont get it.. Ba in bazihaye doostaneh...
  12. Niloufar

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    RIP..:( He was such a humble genius man.. He'll be missed dearly.. In vasat ham, ta yeki attention migire bazi az hamvatanhaye hasood joke misazan ya maskhare mikonan "Chera enghadr sholoogh mikonin ke fot karde"! :O Cant stand some of our ppl..
  13. Niloufar

    Champions league 2017-18 | Road to Kiev (R)

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:(y)hahha, so funny and true Mahdi! I felt for you those years that he was at Barca! He is a blunder at PSG too and no1 is talking about that. It seems like he is on his way to Madrid though. He doesnt want to lose his hype I guess. Really hope Barcelona doesnt face...
  14. Niloufar

    Ali Karimi's IFF conflict is escalating

    Shahriar jan, If he proving that IFF is corrupt and is lying is insult, so be it. A lot of the points he made were true, and IFF's only response was that "we have created a committee to address this issue", blah blah! Where did he accused him of corruption? He questioned his sacking of...
  15. Niloufar

    Iran Persian Gulf Pro League 2017-2018 Fixtures , News, Transfers, Match Updates [R]

    Hamino begu. Branko adam nemishe. He has always been a coward, and tarsoo..Akhe yeki nist bedeh, Es has nothing to lose, they are 3rd in the league and cant catch up, why you're playing defensive?! :O :( Akh vaghean. He got the bravery out of TM players, with his line-ups when he was in...
  16. Niloufar

    Fifa Interview with Queiroz

    The part about "FIFA shouldnt let him play bc he isnt human" was funny! :D Great interview.
  17. Niloufar

    اولین محرومیت برای ایران به خاطر عدم مبارزه با ورزشکاران اسراییل

    Its so sad, but glad they did so. Wished they had banned Iran Wrestling Federation too. Bravo to Rasoul Khadem for telling the truth, and revealing how these same officials beg World officials to not sanction their Federation, yet applaud Alireza Karimi and his move!
  18. Niloufar

    Ali Karimi's IFF conflict is escalating

    Ali Karimi has always been controversial. And his debate with Saket didnt have enough proofs as journalists would, but what really stood out was IFF's regulations not being verified/approved by FIFA (Something IFF had lied about it all along) and the money being pocketed by IFF somewhere after...
  19. Niloufar

    One Win, One Loss for Iran’s Women’s Futsal Team against Russia

    Thanks for the report. After a while, finally IFF allowed reporters to take pictures and broadcast it. Also, oddly, in the first friendly game Russian team were without Hijab, but in the 2nd friendly game, only few days later, they also had hijab like Iran's team.
  20. Niloufar

    iranian people charge the lines of security forces, pushing them out of their streets

    Fully deserved. :) But unlike what Sepah claims, they werent attacked by Darvish group. Their residential area was seiged by Sepah, 200 ppl arrested and their leader also among the.m. It was after the fact that they fought back.